Downey Greene: Stealing the Crimson Witch

Downey Greene: Stealing the Crimson Witch

Are you as addicted to the STARZ channel’s Outlander as I am? Do you love a fun time-travel story? Be sure to read the excerpt from Downey Greene’s fab story!

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Excerpt from Downey Greene’s “Stealing the Crimson Witch”

Crash landing on an 18th-century pirate ship, a 21st-century thief experiences déjà vu as he steals the greatest treasure of all—the pirate queen

This dream, or whatever it was, just kept getting weirder and weirder. First, he landed in the middle of a pirate movie, although it wasn’t a movie. Then, he was forced to walk a plank to another ship, and then thrown unceremoniously into the pirate queen’s quarters with the door barred from the outside. He wasted time and breath beating on the door and yelling to be let out and set free.

Not that the place was that bad. After his pathetic attempt to convince them to free him, he looked around at his prison. Not too shabby as weird dreams went.

The table at the farthest end of the room held numerous bowls and plates of food. The serving dishes appeared to be some of the finest quality antiques he’d ever seen. Between the emerald in his pocket and one of those goblets, he could buy the moon, if he could find the right fence.

Heavy maroon and gold fabrics draped the walls. Candles in gold sconces were placed equidistant around the room so that it seemed like he was inside a low-watt light bulb. Besides the table, a few chairs, and something that resembled a bed, there wasn’t much else in the room.

He strode over to the bed and sat, bouncing up and down to test its firmness. Kyle stood and looked at the bed again. “That is one uncomfortable son-of-a-bitch.” He rubbed the back of his neck then snapped around when he heard the door to the room close.

“O’ donna be like that, loov. Ye’ve never complained afore.” The pirate queen had arrived, moving toward him, removing her scabbard belt and clothes with every step.

Perplexed, Kyle stammered, “I-I’m sorry, lady, what did you call me? You know me? How do you know me? Uh, do you think you should be taking your clothes off? I mean…holy shit, you’re naked!” Not that he was complaining, he just had never been in this situation before. On second thought, he didn’t think anybody had ever been in this situation before.

The pirate queen laughed. “Ye always act a fool a’first, Kyle. A’ odd thing to be called. Me words are gettin’ betta’, aye? Ye dinna understand me the first time ye came.”

She kept moving toward him, and he moved away, facing her, but walking backward. No way was he going to miss any part of her nakedness. But, that didn’t stop him from being utterly confused at what she was saying. “Um, listen, lady, I don’t know who you think I am, but I ain’t him. I’m trapped in some weird dream or something, and you’re naked and really hot, and I can smell you and I’m dying to…no, wait… God, you are so naked.”

“Mehbe, this’ll help ye remember, loov.” She’d cornered him behind the table.

He was pressed against the wall, trying to not look at her flaunting her nakedness.

“O’ donna’ be like that,” she cooed. “Ye look on me like ye’re starvin’. Coom on now, have a bite.” She reached up to stroke his cheek then slid her hand behind his neck and drew his face to hers, their lips a hair’s breadth from touching.

“Ah, fuck,” Kyle whispered then let his mind take a vacation while his body took over. He crashed his lips against hers, forcing her mouth open to taste her, to duel his tongue against hers. It was his turn to wrap his fingers in her crimson tresses while his other hand stroked the curves of her body.

An odd thing happened as he continued to caress her, running his fingers through the crack of her ass, pulling up her leg and grinding his cargo-pant-imprisoned cock against her feminine folds. Electrons, neurons, neurotransmitters burst to life inside his head. Memories crashed through his cerebral cortex, like the Hawaiian pipeline against white shores. He remembered this woman, remembered being in this room with her, fucking her on that bed, licking and sucking her pussy until the wee hours of the morning, her screams of pleasure ringing in his ears as he rolled around with her on that uncomfortable-as-fuck bed.

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