Authors in Pirates: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology!

Authors in Pirates: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology!

I am pleased to announce the final lineup of authors who will be part of the Pirates: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology!

Congratulations go out to:

Alicia Aringdale – Rough Seas
Alyssa Drake – A Lady’s Bargain
Augustina Van Hoven – Prophesies
C. Marie Bowen – The Corsair’s Tempest
Downey Greene – Stealing the Crimson Witch
Genevive Chamblee – Cargo
Jayce Ellis – Plunder
January George – Captive Desire
Joyce Palmer – Mistaken Identity
Lana Sloan – Perinacht
Lisa Fox – The Treasure of Devil’s Crag
Lizzie Ashworth – An Adventure for Burgess
M. Marie – Commanding Neptune’s Mistress
Moxie Marcus – Captain’s Cabin
Rhidian Brenig Jones – Full Fathom Five
T.D. Rudolph – Lust in Space
Tricia Schneider – To Kiss a Pirate
Winter Blair – Bountiful Skies

I’ll be including a story of my own when this comes out in January 2018! Mark your calendars! The authors will be visiting here, and we’ll be talking more about the stories in this volume, so consider subscribing to this blog (see the sign up on the right).

So answer me this: Are you excited about this book? Do you love pirates? Not all of these stories will be “Jack Sparrows.” We have some sci-fi, a steampunk, and some contemporary stories in this mix. A variety to keep things lively!

I haven’t yet written my story. I always wait until I see what’s in the book to figure out what might be “missing”. There’s nothing missing here, so I have a choice of themes. Any ideas?

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