Jennifer Kacey: The Boss (Giveaway)

Jennifer Kacey: The Boss (Giveaway)

My contribution to the Blue Collar Anthology is The Boss!!!

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This story delighted me SO much to write because it’s the next tiny tidbit from my Members Only Series! It features Kellee (which everyone met in Accidental Voyeur) who stops at an oil change place after hours. The boss just happens to still be there to….help her out.

In honor of FINALLY getting to write in this series again, I’m going to giveaway a free e-copy of Together in Cyn which is the first book in the series! Just comment below on if you’re read Blue Collar yet and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow!!

Now, let’s get to more yummy stuff!!

The Boss

The owner of an oil change gets a customer willing to do anything for him to check her fluids after hours.

Falco stayed late one night to close up shop at one of his oil change locations. He’d already put in a ten hour day so he was dirty, tired and wanted nothing more than an ice cold beer and a shower. On a Saturday night there was nothing worse than forgetting to lock the door and hearing the chime go off, signaling a very late customer.

Kellee needed someone to look beneath her hood in more ways than one. On her way to The Library, a private BDSM club, her car’s engine light came on and it started making a strange noise. Not being a car person in any form of the word, she pulled into an oil change place a few miles from the club. Little did she know exactly what she’d been looking for was only an oil change away.

Excerpt from “The Boss” in Blue Collar

With his oil-covered hands clamped onto the open front chassis of his cherry red GT350 Mustang, Falco hung his head and finally took a deep breath.

Talk about one long ass Saturday.

He tried to take Saturday’s off and leave it to his guys to run his two oil change facilities.

Tried, quite a few times, fell a bit short.

This Saturday had begun at the crack of dawn when two of his managers called in with the flu. More likely a real bad case of hangoveritis.

So instead of sleeping in and working on his car at home he’d had to come into work and cover for them.

All day.

Which had turned into a more than ten hour day.

Reaching in, he adjusted a valve on the new 5.2L 526 horsepower V8 engine block. Anticipation of feeling that much power beneath him on the way home, made his dick hard.

One more tweak and he was ready to head out.

All the rest of the guys had clocked out and beat feet more than an hour ago.

Falco closed the hood and stood back to admire his beauty.

Her name was Shelby, of course.

Grabbing a rag from his back pocket, he headed to the front to kill the lights so he could head out. He’d had too long of a day already. Anything else would wait until Monday.

A shower and a nice cold beer were in his future, and not in that order. He’d told a friend of his he’d meet him and his wife at a club for drinks but he was gonna pass. Being pretty certain he was being suckered into a blind date didn’t give him any incentive to go.

A ding ding sounded from the front room and Falco cursed.

That sound was nothing good.

It either meant one of his guys had forgotten something, namely to ask for money before pay day the following Monday. Or they’d forgotten to lock the door when they left and—

“Hello? Is anyone here?” A distinct female voice bounced off the dirty concrete floor until it reached his ears.

“Dammit.” He didn’t employ any women at this location so that sure wasn’t one of his guys.

He tried wiping some of the grease off his hands as he rounded the corner into the front office, more than ready to be the bearer of bad news. “Sorry, Miss, but we’re closed for…the…”

Holy. Shit.

If he’d ordered a girl straight out of his wet dreams this would be her.

Holy hot damn.

Mid-length brown hair bounced loose around her shoulders. Perfect for burying his hands in. Pretty smile with crimson red lipstick. Which would look hot around the base of his dick. Green eyes that absolutely looked like trouble.

Yep. He gave her a once over. And then again because certainly he was seeing things.

Her off-the-shoulder shirt pictured a unicorn, which matched her short plaid pink and black skirt, knee high white socks and pink four inch fuck-me heels.

Every inch of him stood up and took notice, especially his cock who was more than ready to clock in and be put to work.

She didn’t look a day over twenty-something so he told his cock to take a hike.

“I can’t imagine you’re here to apply for a job and I most certainly don’t have a date with a gorgeous girl on my calendar so what can I do for you?” Or to you? He kept the second part to himself. Barely.

“I’m going to The Library actually.” She said it with a mischievous grin that matched her eyes and he cocked an eyebrow at her. Twisting her upper body around, she pointed at the window. And the bright fucking neon sign still blinking open. “I was hoping that wasn’t a mistake and you were open late. But the likelihood of you still being open at…” She glanced at her watch and wrinkled her nose. “Five to ten is slim to none.”

Correct. We’re closed.

I’m out the door.

Are you wearing panties beneath that skirt?

All things he thought of saying but he went with the chivalrous, “Need some help?” instead. To keep from staring at her more, he moved around her and turned off the damn sign.

Fuck she smelled good.

As if he really needed to know that.

“My check engine light came on a little bit ago. The cruise control shut off at the same time. Scared me. I’d love to say I’m a car person and I just stopped in to borrow a wrench to fix the mmrfmugit…” She rubbed her fingertips over her lips, messing up the word with a smile. “But I’d be lying. Was hoping someone could look at it and figure out what happened so I can make sure it’s okay to drive. Getting stranded tonight didn’t sound like a great plan.”

He grinned, despite his desire to be done for the day. Glancing out the front window, he nodded at the vehicle right outside. “Your Forester?”

“Yes that’s mine.”

“Pull it around back and into the far bay. I’ll have the door open by the time you get around there. I’ll get it in and we’ll see what we can find.” He held the door open for her.

Might have been just so she had to brush past him.

Might. Have. Been.

“Thank you so much. I promise I’ll be super quick, and if it’s more complicated than an easy fix I can always come back Monday.”

Fuck. She smelled really good and then she stopped right in front of him.

Her gaze locked with his and she stood close enough he could feel her breath on his mouth. “Oh. Am I keeping you from plans? Date? Anything?” Her voice got quieter on each question.

“Single actually. No plans tonight, other than a beer with a buddy. You? You mentioned something about the library. Meeting? Date?”

She smiled again. “Not dating anyone. A beer sounds nice. Sounds like I might owe you one.” She moved past him and her hip brushed his fly. Hot and flirty. His kind of girl. Minus the at least ten year age gap. Watching her walk away, that tiny skirt of hers flitted with the tiny curve of her ass.

Too bad there wasn’t any wind tonight.

And too bad she probably wouldn’t be into the kind of sex he needed.

Hard. Dirty.

Tucking the rag into his back pocket he caught sight of his reflection in the glass windows. Ruffled hair, dirty shirt and jeans. Grease stains in quite a few places. He worked for a living and was damn proud of it. Being a bit rough around the edges came with the package. He’d help her and get her on her way. Quickly.

Closing the door, he didn’t lock it until she was in her SUV with the engine started and the lights on. Less than two minutes later she pulled into his bay and he closed the big bay door behind her. Her window was down so he peeked in. Sure enough the check engine light was on. As she cut the engine she opened her car door to get out.

“Go ahead and pop the hood for me while you’re still in there. And the fuel door latch, though I think we’ll only really need the second.” The hood cracked open when she lifted the latch and stepped around her door.

Just. Damn.

Talk about tasty.


Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

JenniferKacey (26)

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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