Susan Saxx: Real Men, Big Risks…and a Contest!

Susan Saxx: Real Men, Big Risks…and a Contest!

Hi Everyone! I’m so glad to be here and to be part of this awesome, inventive and fun collection: Blue Collar: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology!

Have YOU ever felt like a fish out of water? And were you determined to somehow get back to your previous world? In Special Delivery, that’s exactly the situation my heroine, Alex Jordan, faces. She’s been rich all her life, but suddenly her family loses their wealth and nothing is the same anymore. Well, all she can see is that she can’t be happy without wealth and social standing, because that’s been her safety, her cocoon. Though she doesn’t realize it, it’s also kept her life dry and sanitized. It’s kept her from living.

And because she has all this fire inside, she comes up with a plan for a business. The only one she thinks she can do—a delivery business. But within that framework she’s reaching high and has a terrific business plan and aspirations.

Then, as she’s doing deliveries on New Year’s Eve, when formerly she would have been pampering herself and getting ready to party all night long—everything goes wrong.

For his part, Rand Peters has been watching her for a long time, and he’s developed a strong thing for her. He thinks she’s incredibly hot, but more, he admires her courage, and honestly?  He’s working on being that type of courageous, take action person himself.

So when they’re stuck together on New Year’s Eve, they both face a turning point in their lives. It involves worldviews being completely shattered and risk—if they have the courage to move ahead.

ss14 Blue Collar Day 14 - SAXX - SPECIAL DELIVERY

Special Delivery is an excerpt from the third book in my Real Men series, titled ‘Real Temptation (Special Delivery)’, and is available on preorder at Amazon, with preorders on B&N, Kobo  & Tolino in the works. #1 in the series, A Real Man, #1, is free at most retailers.  

I hope you enjoy Special Delivery, as well as the rest of this awesome collection!


To celebrate the release of Blue Collar, I’m giving away TWO advance reader copies of the expanded, full version of Special Delivery, closer to when it’s released later this year! The expanded story follows Alex and Rand through the unexpected twists and turns of their journey, and is a holiday story.

How do you enter?

Follow me on Amazon PLUS one or more other social media platforms of your choice, and let me know in the comments below where you did. 🙂

And also in the comments—if you’re so inclined—let me know when you’ve faced a worldview shift and your thoughts on it. I’m interested! I’m an interviewer at heart, and I love people’s stories!

Entries close Saturday June 17th, and I’ll announce winners in the Comments section below by Monday June 19th.

Thank you so much for coming! Hugs!! xo      


Excerpt from Blue Collar: Special Delivery…

Alex Jordan groaned.

She’d delivered the wrong part. The wrong fucking part. So much for building up her business, Intimate Deliveries, by single-handedly capturing the biggest account in the downtown core.

Damn. She needed this account.

Nothing else on earth would have led her to abandon safety and traverse the length of the never-ending, dark industrial unit late at night, with a man she didn’t know, in a commercial shop closed up against the late December snow.

On New Year’s Eve, no less.

And now she and this dude, Rand Peters, were at the very back, in an enclosed room holding a bunch of lathes. He’d had to try to fit the part she’d brought to the machine they’d ordered it for and found it was the wrong part. Hell.

Now, here they were, waiting for the replacement. Alone. Together.

No one else around.

She adjusted her stance for the umpteenth time as Duane yammered on in the cell phone at her ear, the trendy low boot that was part of her self-imposed uniform pinching. The day had been a long one, and she was so ready to get out of the uniform, party with her bffs, and forget the last year had ever happened.

Instead, she was here with a stranger.

This isn’t me. This isn’t my life.

She was used to being taken care of, used to being driven in chauffeur-driven limousines. She’d never had to go into any situation she didn’t deem one hundred percent safe, unless, hell, she wanted to. A few raves, some upscale night clubs—those had been her choice. But things had changed.

Oh boy, had they changed.

The stark reality was, if she could deliver that fucking part, the account was hers. She could eat again. Maybe not escargot and the fancy shit that used to be her fare in the past, but food. And feed her mother, too—the woman who still didn’t want to believe what had happened had really happened.

Rand Peters wasn’t hard to look at, that was for sure. Over the last year, she’d caught him eyeing her every time she’d popped in. Rand was built. She’d tried to discount his fluid, yet powerful, movements as he hefted parts, that blue uniform masking all the interesting bits underneath.

And the glances he’d tossed her way. Fervent. Those deep, intense blue eyes focused on her, the sensuality and barely concealed intentions…um…barely concealed.

He stood there now, leaning against a workbench littered with tools and metal. “You may be on your cell for a while,” he said softy, while he scrutinized her with his gaze. “Your lifeline.”

Fiery tingles of lust radiated through her at his voice, especially in that low, intense tone. Even though no one else was there, a dozen people could have been in the room and she would’ve known his words were meant only for her.


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Susan Saxx writes sexy, unexpected, heartwarming romances. Her REAL MEN series focuses on a band of Canadian military reservists and the strong women they fall in love with. Meet the cowboy, the ex-hockey player and more at her website, and join her mailing list for exclusive teaser stories and release updates!

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