ROGUES is here! Contest!

ROGUES is here! Contest!

Welcome! Delilah Devlin, here! If you’ve visited the Collections site before, you’ll notice things have changed. We revamped, but this is still the place to come when I have a new collection to tell you about. Over the next few weeks the authors will be here chatting, there will be frequent contests and announcements of fun things coming, so be sure to drop in often!

Rogues: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology is the first in a series of bad boy collections. It’s a single volume anthology of short stories written by some terrific authors—some you know, some you’ll be meeting for the first time!

I love this cover—so intense! I love this book! It’s 62,000-words of yummy bad boys—pirates, thieves, highwaymen, tomb raiders, to name a few! The stories are set in modern and historical times. It’s available now for the astonishing price of $0.99! And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited customer, you’re going to get it for free. For those who love the printed page, we’ve got that too!

I was the first to read the stories, because I was the one who chose the stories. So, I know the delicious surprises awaiting your pleasure! Here’s another tease…



Get your copy!

Rogues! Even the word conjures a special sort of hero–a playful bad boy with a heart of gold–at least when it comes to his lady love. This volume is filled with the Jack Sparrows of old–pirates sailing the high seas, Regency-era highway men, modern-day jewel thieves, like Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief–men doing bad things, bending or breaking the law, but in a very sexy way. With fourteen stories sure to satisfy the reader who craves that ultimate bad boy, prepare to have your heart stolen!

Swindled by Megan Mitcham — A newbie detective baits an international thief with her best assets and discovers she’s not the only one with tempting snares

Opals by Axa Lee — The queen of whores dares the king of thieves to make an impossible climb to win a treasure of opals

Her Heart’s Tomb by Jennifer Kacey — When a tomb raider finds herself trapped with the enemy, she unearths her most precious discovery in the only man she’s ever loved

The Highwayman’s Treasure by Emma Jay — A dashing rake with a secret life attempts to rescue a widow at the mercy of her husband’s family

Plunder by Delilah Night — Sparks fly when the Caribbean’s most fearsome pirate falls under the spell of a sexy spitfire who’d rather send him to Davy Jones’s locker

The Heat by Mia Hopkins — During a winter storm, a mysterious Irish bootlegger finds refuge in the house and bed of a widowed suffragette

The Highwayman Came Riding by Erzabet Bishop — Desire and a slip through time awaken passions between a highwayman and a sleepy romance reader

Queen High by Cela Winter — On board a Mississippi riverboat, a gentleman-turned-cardsharp and a strong-minded widow set the stakes high in a game where winner takes all

Rogue Hearts by Delilah Devlin — When a lonely shut-in’s online query is answered for a sexy rendezvous, she’s stunned when her handsome”escort” proves more adept than she’d dreamed

Lady of the House by T.G. Haynes — A cat burgling couple are taught a memorable lesson when confronted by the lady of the house which they have broken into

Billionaire and the Jewel Thief by Elle James — Temperatures rise in a penthouse suite when a jewel thief is caught testing a billionaire’s ultra-tight security system

An Eye for Love by Cynthia Young — A lady’s desires reawaken when she hires a private investigator to recover a treasured miniature art piece stolen from her collection

Roguishly Handsome, and Other Superhero Problems by Tray Ellis — Dashing out to rescue people and maintaining a stable career are incompatible choices for a reluctant superhero—even worse, she’s falling for a roguish villain

Glass Slippers, Hardly Worn by Bibi Rizer — An orphaned servant’s plans to attend the prince’s ball in a magical disguise are thwarted when she is spirited away by a masked highwayman


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Today’s prize? A $5 Amazon gift card.

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  1. Already signed up. Excited to read the anthology!!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  2. I also signed up before I read the post. 🙂 I love this collection.

  3. Congrats on the new release! Looking forward to reading it.
    I’m not sure my subscription worked because I keep getting the same message: “The email address has opted out of subscription emails.”

  4. Fabulous, Delilah! You are a wonder, and it must be a treat to have the chance to choose such exciting stories! Subscribed!

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