What readers are saying…

What readers are saying…

Vikings_600Thanks to everyone who has purchased the book! I hope you’re enjoying the ride!

If you haven’t bought your copy yet, check out what other readers are saying…

“A fantastic anthology! All of the stories were rich, descriptive, and so hot! I literally enjoyed all of them! I love a gorgeous, strong and wild viking! And the heroines were strong amazing women as well. Truly good stuff!” ~Twyla

“If your idea of a perfect romance has a strong alpha hero, a woman that can keep up and HOT romance then this anthology is just right for you.” ~Lori

“If you love lusty Vikings and their equally lusty leading ladies, this is definitely the collection for you and I think you will enjoy it very much, as I did.” ~Diane

“If you have a pulse, you’ll enjoy these stories!” ~Anonymous

“The Vikings are strong and fierce and the ladies are passionate and fearless!!!” ~Vero

“This is a great read, the characters are excellent, the stories kept me captivated and they are HOT, HOT, HOT. Loved it!” ~Tammy

“I give this collection 5 stars with 5 hands down the pants.” ~Bookaholic Mama (LOL — she said hands down the pants)

“…applause to all the authors!!!!!!!!!!Great Conquests: an Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance!!!!!!!!!!well done to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Agnese (she gets the most enthusiastic vote 🙂 )

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