2 Days: My Loveliest Vision by Renee Luke

2 Days: My Loveliest Vision by Renee Luke

What woman doesn’t long for her knight to come sweep her off her feet, to rescue her, to claim her? What woman doesn’t want to be taken into the strong arms of a man with honor, strong enough to kill, but tender enough to cherish and adore? I know, I have a yearned for my knight to come since I was a little girl after reading fairytales.

Medieval knight kneeling with sword

Although I write mostly contemporary stories and novels now, my first love is historicals, specifically, medievals. There’s something romanticized about a large stone castle, large horses, blades of steel, and brawny men. While the reality of daily life during medieval times was hardly romantic, it’s hard for me to dismiss those girlhood fantasies of lush dresses and jewels and crowns, and knights.

Eilean Donan Castle

When I first came across this anthology, I knew I had to write a medieval tale of a woman who’d been begging for her own knight for a long time. Lena is special to me. I hope she becomes special to you as well.


He’d made an oath to not force her. Seth broke the kiss and stepped away, a hand remaining upon Lena’s arm to steady her when she swayed. He was breathing hard, his cock heavy and demanding, revolting as he throbbed against his leggings.

There was a shimmer in the silvery green of her eyes as she lifted her chin and pulled back her shoulders. Not tears this time, but defiance. And desire.

“You are to be my husband,” she said.

He knew the words were meant to justify her willingness to be kissed.

She soothed her tongue across the plump flesh as if getting another taste. “Aye, my husband. But, milord,” she lifted the parchment toward him, “you have known of this. Come here to claim my holdings. Me. Whereas, I,” she paused and inhaled, her body shuddering and he could see the doubt and apprehension resurface upon her face, “I had dismissed my betrothal years ago, and knew not twas you who’d arrived this day.”

Seth bent and brushed his lips to hers one more time, not lingering, just merely a caress. He could not stand the look of fear shining in her eyes when all he wanted to see was the mirroring of his arousal and the return of the awakening of her need.

“Aye, milady, you belong to me, but instead of claiming you, I shall make you beg.” To keep from turning himself into a liar and fucking her now, he turned and walked away.

Where sensual seduces erotic…

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  1. Oh… sounds like a VERY intriguing story, Renee! Seth and Lena don’t just fall into bed together 😉

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