10 out of 10 Rating for Cowboy Heat!

10 out of 10 Rating for Cowboy Heat!


Check out the review from Jillian Boyd at Cara Sutra: The Best Sex Blog and Sexuality Magazine:

“I’m a huge fan of Delilah’s anthologies, and yet again she’s managed to tap into one of my fantasies. Cowboys are such enduring characters, and I’m pretty sure we all have a favourite cowboy in mind, whether traditional gunslinger (think Butch Cassidy) or futuristic space cowboy (a la Mal from Firefly). This anthology is a loving, sexy and warming tribute to the studly cowboys of our hearts, and definitely one to pick up (along with Cowboy Lust, of course).”

Read the entire review here. There are special shout outs to Cat Johnson, Myla Jackson, and Emma Jay—but this is certainly a great team effort—10/10! Congratulations, authors!

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