Guest Blogger: Marliss Melton

Guest Blogger: Marliss Melton

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Readers everywhere,

I’ve got a slew of high-octane heroes for you—nine Navy SEALs in my seven-book Navy SEALs series and three government agents in my Counterterrorist Taskforce Series. That’s enough testosterone to fuel an aircraft carrier. They come in all shapes and sizes with various temperaments and talents. I love these guys! Meet my latest three heroes:

Former Navy SEAL Isaac “Ike” Calhoun:  Solitary, succinct, the possessor of deadly skills. Ike is rocked by the freshness that Eryn McClellan breathes into his dreary existence…

mmman of steel  THE PROTECTOR

Summoned out of his remote hideaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains to protect the blue-eyed daughter of America’s top commander from a vengeful terrorist, Ike doesn’t expect to be emotionally touched by Eryn’s beauty or her plight. But the thought of her living in terror prompts Ike to train Eryn to defend herself. But who’ll defend Ike from the burning desire to possess her for himself? Read THE PROTECTOR (Aug 2011) ISBN: 978-1460951811  

FBI Special Agent Jackson Maddox is intelligent, a man of integrity and high standards who still blames himself for the premature demise of his first wife and the loneliness of his teenage daughter….

mmCapture The Guardian

Jackson operates undercover as an ex-convict in a prisoner reintegration program suspected of training future terrorists. His deep cover is threatened a bombshell journalist, Lena Alexandra, who’s got an agenda of her own. On a mutual quest for justice, Jackson and Lena strike an uneasy but mutually beneficial truce.  Read their story in THE GUARDIAN (Aug 2012) ISBN: 978-1938732027

Lastly, ATF Special Agent Tobias Burke is charming and fun-loving, a former Army Ranger who wears T-shirts with humorous messages on them.


Lady’s man, Tobias Burke is the Taskforce’s obvious choice to penetrate a West Virginia militia and inform against its leader, Dylan Connelly. Toby sets about uncovering Dylan’s darkest secrets and discovers, instead, a quixotic woman being framed by someone far more ruthless. Can Toby find the true terrorist before Dylan pays the cost? Read THE ENFORCER (coming July, 2013).  ISBN: 978-1-938732-08-9

High octane heroes come in all kinds of delectable categories. Pick your flavor!

Marliss Melton

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  1. I can say I loved reading these books. The believable characters and how they find their women is the best part of how Marliss writes. They are fully 3-dimentional and, can we say, hot? Oh yes, it’s Delilah’s blog. We can!

    There’s a reason Marliss has such a great following and a slew of best-selling books. Thanks for having her, Delilah.

  2. They all look really exciting. I like the sound of The protector. Wish Meliss all the best

  3. I had to give away all my books in the Navy SEALS series when we moved, but I do have the books in the Taskforce series – really enjoy your writing (and the men you write about!).

    1. Thank you, Karen! I appreciate your loyalty. Taking a vote of those who’d like me to go back to writing SEAL books. Most readers say, YES!

    2. Dear Karen C

      I feel so sorry for you having to give away all your books. If I had know about this before Super Storm Sandy I could have sent you copies, used but in good condition. I used to own a used book store and had all my inventory till Sandy when the storage area was ruined and I had to throw them all away.


      1. Flora~ I’m so sorry you lost your inventory due to Sandy; that must have been heartbreaking for you – it’s like losing friends you’ve had forever. I’d have taken you up on your very generous offer, too! Thanks – Karen C

        1. Karen,

          I cannot sit idly by and allow a fellow Team 12 collector to go on missing your books. If you will email me your address, I will happily replace whichever books you lost, up to and including the entire set. The only thing I love more than going to my local Half Price Bookstore is buying gifts at said store for fellow readers. I have several HPBs near me, so if one doesn’t have all the titles in stock, then I’m sure I can find the rest scattered across the other locations. I am serious about this. My email is : I look forward to hearing from you, so I can begin my Team 12 ‘mission’!

          1. Wendie~
            This is an incredibly generous offer that brought tears to my eyes and one I can’t possibly accept. I’ll email you to explain. Thank you!

  4. LOVED your SEAL series – one of my very favorites. I have the Taskforce books on my wish list. This post makes me think I need to move them on up the list!

  5. From the first book of yours I happened to pick out one day, I was HOOKED!! I just love the characters and story lines in each one and so look forward to the next! Keep up the great writing!

  6. I have read all of Marliss Melton’s books! She is one of my favorite authors. I love reading about her Navy Seals!! I’m always recommending her books to all of my friends. She’s the best!! I can’t wait til her next book comes out.

  7. These books are hot! The books accuractly depict military rules/actions…..being a retired female vet with over 20 years actice duty, let me just say….whew! Both the action and the hero is hot in each book she writes!

  8. Being married to a former door gunner from the Viet Nam war, I’m always looking to read stories about these heroes. You know the kind, who go to work everyday doing their jobs, and coming home to their women. I love reading about our military heroes… makes me think of my hubby every time!

  9. I’ve read them all! I Love your books, the stories are great and the heroes are awesome! July can’t come soon enough!

  10. I have all the books ready to read. Soon as the kiddo is out of school, I’ll be devouring them! I can’t wait!

  11. I have loved all of your books in the two series. I stubled onto your books one year when I was doing relief work and had to stay in a town to far to drive home each night. After reading what I had with me I went to Wal-mart and found one of your books. After that I had a mission find all of the books in the counter terrorism series as well as the Seals.
    Cannot wait for this next book. If only my book budget was not closed right now.

  12. I truly enjoy every book that you have written. Navy seals are my favorite hero’s to read about. I love the depth of characters in each of the books and am looking forward to the next book.

  13. I absolutely LOVE your SEALS series… A friend and I took turns swapping the series back and forth!!! Now I need to start you next series… I need to catch up- I didn’t realize I was so far behind!!!

  14. I have read every Marliss Melton there is to date and look forward to her next book.I highly recommend any of her books.Plenty of hot,hunky Navy Seals to go around.!!!

  15. I am so excited to see that I only have to wait a few more weeks to read THE ENFORCER! I already have Sam Worthington and Jessica Chastain cast as Toby and Dylan in my head. I also re-read THE PROTECTOR and it was even better the second time through. You are so right about there being ‘enough testosterone to fuel an aircraft carrier’ among your heroes, especially when you count all the hunky Navy SEALS in your Team 12 books. Sean Harlan, in ‘Too Far Gone’ will always be my favorite. You gotta love a tough guy who not only fights bad guys and rescues single mothers in distress, but also changes diapers! I guess that’s what makes your heroes so loveable. Sure, they are tough as nails when they have to be, but they also have tender hearts that are vulnerable to the women (and kids) they love. Who doesn’t want a guy like that? Oh, and thanks, DD, for featuring one of my favorite authors!

  16. Can’t wait for the enforcers. Every book gets better. Love all your heroes marliss. Keep writing. Just do it faster….

  17. I adore your writing! I can’t wait to read the rest of this series! Keep ’em coming Sister ;o)

  18. Marliss is one of the best writers i have all her books. Everytime a new one comes out you get so involved you just HAVE to go back and re-read all her books.

  19. Once I start reading a book in your series, it’s impossible to put it down. I hope I can still download them or find them in English when I move to Moscow in August to teach!

  20. I have read The Protector and The Guardian. They are great and I can hardly wait for The Enforcer to come out. I hope it comes out in print form at the same time as it does for the Nooks & Ipads. I do not use them I read for long periods of time and hate to run out of battery and have to wait for a recharge, something I don;t have to worry about with a book. I love your writing, Thank you .

  21. I just finished reading SHOW NO FEAR for the 3rd time. I love me some Gus Atwater. I have most of your books and I can honestly say I have never been disappointed. I love the action and the romance. The hero is believable. Some authors haven’t learned that yet. 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to read THE GUARDIAN as yet but I will. I look forward to reading more and more of your books.

  22. I just finished reading SHOW NO FEAR for the 3rd time. I love me some Gus Atwater, he is definitely HIGH OCTANE! I have most of your books and I can honestly say I have never been disappointed. I love the action and the romance. The hero is believable. Some authors haven’t learned that yet. 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to read THE GUARDIAN as yet but I will. I look forward to reading more and more of your books.

  23. I have read all of Marliss Melton’s Seal team books and all of them are excellent. I have not had a chance to read her new series, although I do own them all. After reading this post, I can’t wait to start them !!

  24. I know I’m late to the party, but having read all of Marliss’s books, I can say her heroes are beyond high octane. I always wish I had one at my disposal and miss them when I close the book.

  25. I love your books Marliss. You are one of a few authors that are an automatic buy for me. No need to read the book blurb just note the date of a new release and then buy it.

    Looking forward to the Enforcer!!

  26. Hey Marliss,
    I love your Taskforce series.. Can’t wait for Tobias’ book.. And will definitely check out your Navy SEALS series.. 🙂

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