Happy Birthday REV ME UP!

Happy Birthday REV ME UP!

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It’s been SIX YEARS since my debut novel REV ME UP was released, in the days before Kindle and Nook became household words, and PDF was the only way to download digital books, unless you owned a Sony e-reader. When REV ME UP was first released, gritty language and graphic depictions of one man and one woman engaged in sex were still shockers. E-books were sold exclusively by their publishers and reviews were written only by book bloggers. How times have changed!

REV ME UP was sold in 2006 and published in 2007 under another title, before Ellora’s Cave picked it up in 2009, after the rights expired with its original publisher. Thousands of copies later REV ME UP and its stand alone sequel REV ME TWICE continue to sell every month. I couldn’t be happier that readers are drawn to these ‘good girls gone bad’ story heroines and their Harley-riding, military heroes. REV ME UP has received some amazing Top Pick reviews, was a GoodReads book club pick, and survives as an old timer in an erotic romance industry bursting with… ahem, spanking new titles.

Since my author beginnings with REV ME UP, I’ve published many erotic titles, launched a mainstream career under another pen name, and have been included in cutting edge anthologies edited by the ever-awesome Delilah Devlin for Cleis Press. Look for the collections SMOKIN’ HOT FIREMEN and HIGH OCTANE HEROES in July and August 2013. These anthologies are bound to rev your engine! Are you ready?




REV ME UP by Adele Dubois

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Lisa didn’t mean to cause the crash. She’d always been a Good Girl. When she flashed her breasts from an Annapolis sidewalk at the hunk riding by on his Harley, her wild impulse seemed like harmless fun. How could she know he’d hit the curb and land at her feet? 

To make amends with the cop from Santa Fe, Lisa agrees to have a cocktail with him at a marina bar. When she slides on the bike’s rear leather seat and wraps her arms around Antonio’s buff body, they take-off on the ultimate ride.

Antonio’s in town for his brother’s naval academy graduation before heading to Quantico for FBI training. Lisa’s there to break-up with her cheating midshipman boyfriend. Revenge sex with a hot cop may be the perfect way to unleash her inner Bad Girl. Just in time too. Her boyfriend’s out for blood and lethal revenge of his own.

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The first thing Antonio Alvarez noticed about the woman on the sidewalk was her waist length, light brown hair. He revved his Harley and watched her stroll along the curb line of this high-end tourist avenue with her head high and tanned arms swinging. Her hair swayed along her back, swishing between her shoulder blades, the tips caressing her bare waist above the rolled-down shorts curving over her hips. The white stretch of fabric that barely covered her round, slightly protruding butt clung to the split in her cheeks like the skin on a ripe peach. Below, the hem flashed orbs of alabaster skin like tiny quarter moons. A thong framed her tight, exquisite ass. Long, taut, tanned legs and small feet in high espadrilles moved in time to the sway of her hair. She must have heard his motorcycle behind her then, because she looked over her left shoulder and slowed her stride to check him out.

When she turned her face, their eyes met and Antonio’s adrenaline surged as if she had kissed him. His heart raced and he revved the engine of his bike again. The noise made her laugh, a clear, pleasant sound that reverberated through the air, linking them. He breathed in her laugh, trying to capture the peal inside his chest to cheer him the rest of the day.

Antonio smiled.

The woman smiled back, flashing white, perfect teeth. The symmetry of her sculpted features and open, friendly expression drew him closer. Passersby strolled in the opposite direction eating ice cream, walking their dogs or pointing out quaint shops to visit. Antonio barely noticed them. The woman in the woven espadrilles, tight white shorts and gauzy red cotton tank top stood out in the crowd like a holograph against a flat surface. Suddenly, the reason for his visit to Annapolis vanished. Antonio needed to meet this woman and see her again.

And again.

Looking at her jolted his dulled senses and numbed heart to life after a long drought. He hadn’t so much as glanced at another woman since Estela’s death. It had been eighteen months since the woman he loved was killed in the line of duty and he had never been unfaithful to her memory.

Until now.

The woman on the sidewalk revived him like a swim upward from the cold depths of the sea.

His friends would say it was about time.  

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38 thoughts on “Happy Birthday REV ME UP!

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope its a great one!

    I guess I have some catching up to! I have not heard of this book so I need to get to reading. I had never read erotica until limke 2009 so yeah I’m a little behind.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Teresa. Ellora’s Cave still sells some of my books and the rest are available at all major ebook sellers.


  2. Well hel-lo. I’d like to see Antonio in his birthday suit! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy Birthday! I haven’t had a chance to read this one yet. It sounds like a great book.

  4. I didn’t realize how much epublishing has changed in so short a time.

    That’s a novel, and painful, way to meet.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Yes, e-publishing has made enormous strides in the past few years. The technological changes are amazing.

      Thanks for visiting and posting.


  5. What a nice accomplishment to celebrate. Isn’t it amazing how much has changed in such a short time? Congrats on the anniversary and thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi ELF,

      What a nice message! Thank you. Yes, the ebook marketplace has changed tremendously. When I first became digitally published, most people had never heard of an ebook. They’d ask, “So… when are you going to publish a REAL book?” Now most of my books are published in both ebook and trade paper formats, and the ebooks outsell paper every time.

      Nice to meet you.


  6. Happy Birthday for your debut novel, Adele. I’m sorry to say that I hadn’t heard of Rev Me Up until today. I loved the blurb with the Harley riding hero and sassy heroine. It sounds like a fantastic read. I’ll add this to my reading list right now. Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle!

      Love your icon. “) I’m glad to meet you and appreciate your enthusiasm for my book. Thanks so much.

      I’m not sure why some of the comments got stuck in moderation, but I’m sorry for the delay. I enjoyed hearing from you!


  7. It is great that with so many books out there that this book continues to sell so well. That says a lot about the book & author 🙂 I am definitely going to have to add it to my wishlist, along with the follow-up book!

  8. Heck yes, I’m ready!!! Happy Birthday – and many more. Remarkable career.

  9. Happy Birthday Rev Me Up,
    LOVE the excerpt Adele, what was the origional name of the book? Is it part of a series maybe? I’ve gotta get my hands on the book (and Antonio ; ).

    Mindy 🙂

    1. Hi Mindy!

      The book was originally titled MOTORCYCLE HEAT. The story was revised for Ellora’s Cave (can’t offer the same book twice in exactly the same way, right?). The sequel is titled REV ME TWICE. Both books–REV ME UP and REV ME TWICE were released in trade paperback by Ellora’s Cave under the title REV ME. Thanks for asking, and for stopping by to celebrate with me.


  10. WINNER of REV ME UP is Michelle (MsRomanticReads)!

    Perseverance pays. Michelle sent a follow-up comment when her original message got stuck in moderation, for some odd reason, with 9 other posts. The True Random Number Generator (http://www.random.org/) selected Michelle’s follow-up comment during the contest drawing. She is the winner of my debut contemporary erotic romance novel REV ME UP.

    Thanks to all who visited and posted comments. Please come back to visit often at SMOKIN’ HOT FIREMEN.

    Best–Adele Dubois

    1. Wow, fate was definitely at play here 🙂 Thank you so much, Adele. I’ve replied to your email, and thank you for the awesome giveaway. I look forward to eventually meeting all of you here at SHF <3 Have a fantastic weekend!

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