Guest Blogger: Brenna Zinn

Guest Blogger: Brenna Zinn

Oh, Those Men In Uniform

Ladies, there’s a reason you’ll see male strippers dressed as fire fighters, police officers, and members of the military when you go to a strip club.  We love, love, LOVE our men in uniform.  Even gentlemen who aren’t exactly up there with Gerard Butler in looks and body type can turn our heads when they don a uniform. Have you ever wondered why?

I’m not going to lie.  I did wonder why my legs go to jelly and my head starts to swim when I see a man sporting his uniform.  What crazy kind of mind control to these men have over me? Is it hormones? Lust?  Programmed responses by aliens?

My interest in this phenomenon is so great, I decided to take the question to a panel of experts – my girlfriends.  Granted, the discussion happened while enjoying several bottles of wine, but the insight they produced is nothing less than astounding.

Women (albeit not all women) respond to authority figures. We crave, some secretly and some not so secretly, the alpha man – the guy who takes charge, protects, and is virile. As a matter of fact, in looking into this theory, I discovered there have been studies showing women prefer more masculine men while they are ovulating.  These results suggest women believe masculine, alpha type males have better ability to get women preggers and will produce strong off spring.  This mental programming of sorts started way back in the cave man days.  True story.

So I, for one, am going to allow myself to embrace my decadent love of police officers, fire fighters, cow boys (yes – Wranglers, snap button shirts, boots, and western hats ARE uniforms), and military men.  It’s in my DNA.  Why fight it?

While you’re thinking of hot men in uniform, I hope you’ll think about reading, Dagger’s Edge, my Navy SEAL book. FYI – Dagger was mentioned as one of the #1 book hero crushes from the recent erotic reader/writer conference, The Naughty Sleepover.

Dagger’s Edge is currently FREE on Kindle Prime and available for only $1.99 at Amazon for the rest of us mortals.

Want a peek at what’s behind the cover?  Sure you do!

Dagger's Edge

Dagger’s Edge Excerpt:

“Oh, I get it. So you’re afraid of my brother.” The prod was so easy to think of. Surely Dean wouldn’t be able to resist this carrot.

To her delight, his hand still holding hers tightened. Deep furrows dug into the skin between his brows.

“I’ve never been afraid of another man in my life.” True to form, his voice dripped with indignation.

“Then kiss me.”

The challenge tumbled from her mouth as any glib remark might—little emotion, all quick banter. Her expectation for his accepting the goad was low. He wasn’t exactly known for doing just anything when provoked, especially when the poke came from her.

In the milliseconds while she waited for his response through word or action, the world seemed to stop spinning.  Her heart suddenly lodged in her throat.  Her pulse raced in her veins as though she’d taken some kind of drug spiked with adrenaline. The dare and his reply took on a meaning she’d never intended. But there it was. More than ever before, she wanted his kiss.  She needed his kiss. Hadn’t she loved him long enough to finally deserve to have her lips touch his?

“Please, Dean,” Mia whispered earnestly.  She stared at him, hoping he’d read the desperate pleading she tried to convey through her eyes. “Just one kiss.”


Kindle/Amazon link:  Dagger’s Edge

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10 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Brenna Zinn

  1. Thanks for sharing! This sounds like a great book! I also love guys in uniform but my love now revolves around one. My husband served as an Army Ranger so he is my dream guy in uniform. But I still love seeing and reading about guys in uniform as well.

  2. Terrific post, Brenna! Lovin’ those hot firemen is definitely part of my DNA. One of my favorite new TV shows is “Chicago Fire.”

    Thanks for joining us!


  3. Oh man… Now I need to know if he took the dare. Or more of a challenge. Love that.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bring on the heat, and the sexy officers. 🙂 My hubby isn’t a crime fighter, or a fireman, but he dresses in a uniform every day and wonders why I don’t want to let him out of the house. Yum! The new book looks fab! I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  5. Great cover. I never really thought about why men in uniform are so appealing, but I think you’re right about the alpha bit.

  6. So true, Brenna–great post about the appeal of the uniform AND the wearers of said uniforms!

  7. Definitely love a man in uniform…that combination of shiny buttons and perfectly pressed (and matching) clothes…yum!

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