Get ready for SMOKIN’ HOT FIREMEN!

Get ready for SMOKIN’ HOT FIREMEN!

I’m really excited about this book. One collection devoted entirely to firefighters! What’s not to love? And there’s going to be a slew of fun activities coming your way. You won’t want to miss the interviews, the excerpts, or the prizes! Here’s what you can do to get ready: 

1) Subscribe to this blog! See the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” note in the left sidebar? Put your email address there now, and every time we post something new, you’ll receive the post right in your inbox. You won’t miss a chance at winning something wonderful or reading something hot!

2) Like our Facebook page! Yes, the book has its own page. I couldn’t resist. I figured the authors would want to have some place to post those luscious firefighter pics, and to tell you what’s happening in their writerly lives on real-time basis. I want you to get to know them. Some of them you probably already do. Others will be new to you, but not for long!

3) Get some free trading cards! Just because the book isn’t out yet, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy holding something in your hands right now! If you’d like copies for yourself or to share with your friends, send me an email at

Trading Card Trading Card back

4) Pre-order the book! Order it now and save $6.20 on the price! All you have to do is click on the “Order Book” link above. You’ll be set. As soon as it’s ready to ship, you’ll be among the first to delight in our wicked tales.

I’ll be putting together the first contest for commenters on this site soon. Do you have suggestions for what you might like as a prize?

13 thoughts on “Get ready for SMOKIN’ HOT FIREMEN!

  1. Delilah, this was such a fun book to participate in, and the joy is that the fun just keeps on. 🙂 I love the site and hope that all of our friends will too. I can’t wait to have this book in my hands so that I keep read all the other fab entries! Off to share with the world.

  2. How about a copy signed by all the authors as a prize. This looks like such a good book!

    1. That might be tricky! There are 17 authors and some of us live on different continents, but hey, maybe we could sticker it up with signed bookplates? That’s an idea…

  3. one suggestion for the “prize” lol one of those “hot” firemen. Not but seriously how @ a $25 AMAZON or BOOKSTRAND gift card. That would b great!!

  4. Cool , who doesn’t like a fireman, they are natural heroes. I myself would love to win something from the beautiful jewelry you have been making. Sent you an email.

  5. Will all the post be based on firemen and firemen related books or will other topics be mixed in?

    1. Anne! I’m sure even we can’t talk just about firemen for months and months! But we will be looking for guest bloggers who write sexy heroes. Just wait and see…

  6. Love the sounds of this, Delilah! Can’t wait for the collection, and of course to enjoy all the talk of these hot heroes!

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