Cowboy Lust Countdown Begins — Snapshot #1

Cowboy Lust Countdown Begins — Snapshot #1

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For the next couple of weeks, the authors of Cowboy Lust: Erotic Romance for Women are going to share snippets from their stories. Along the way, we’ll offer up some great prizes! So you aren’t going to want to miss a single day!

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As the editor of this collection, I had the joy of reading all the entries, and then the onerous task of selecting those from among all those amazing stories that would hold together thematically, and yet be refreshingly distinct. Tough job, right? 🙂

I’ve been writing cowboy stories for a while. My first was published in 2007. I wondered when I put out the call whether there was anything new to be said. What I found were a variety of settings, unique voices, interesting characters, and down and dirty sex that blew me away.

Here’s a snippet from my own story, “Runaway Bride.” Enjoy the ride!


Jackson Lowry cussed softly when he spotted the blue lights spinning at the roadblock just ahead. Too late to turn back now. He’d only draw more attention.

Squaring his jaw, he rolled down his window and forced a polite smile as he peered into the darkness at the sheriff’s deputy checking IDs with a flashlight.

As soon as the deputy waved the car in front of him to move along and turned to watch the black pickup roll forward, Jackson’s tension eased a fraction.

Maynard Colby’s expression turned from crisply professional to worried in a second, as soon as he recognized Jackson. “Dammit, Jackson, where have you been?”

“Around. Why?”

A soft moan sounded beside him, and Jackson reached surreptitiously beside him to tap the tarp covering his precious load.

“You didn’t hear?” At Jackson’s vague expression, Maynard stepped onto the truck rail and leaned toward Jackson. “It’s Sammi Jo. Her car was found in Shooter’s parking lot, the door wide open. No one’s seen her. Looks like she’s been snatched.”

Jackson cleared his throat. “How serious is this gettin’?”

“It’s only been a couple of hours, but Sammi Jo’s daddy is buckin’ to get the sheriff to call in the FBI, the CIA, the ATF—and whatever other agency his money can buy to find her. I tried callin’ you, but your phone kept goin’ to voicemail. After the way things went down at the weddin’ last Sunday, I don’t blame you a bit for layin’ low, but I thought you’d wanna know.”

Another sound, this time a snort, sounded beside him.

Maynard’s gaze cut to the dirty tarp folded over a moving bundle on the floor of the cab. A ruddy eyebrow shot up. “What’s goin’ on, Jackson?”

Jackson rolled his eyes, then pulled up the corner of the tarp to reveal a bound and gagged Sammi Jo whose eyes glittered furiously back at both men.

Maynard barked a laugh, then tightened his lips. “This time you’ve gone and done it, boy. This is seriously fucked up.” He laughed again, then tipped his hat to Sammi Jo. “No disrespect meant, missy.”

Jackson cleared his throat. “Don’t s’pose you can forget about this?”

Maynard’s gaze shot to Sammi Jo again, raked her once as though ensuring she didn’t look to be in any real danger, then tipped back his cowboy hat. “Tell ya what. I’ll put a bug in the sheriff’s ear, but she better come walkin’ through the po-lice house doors come Monday mornin’.”

“Not a word to her daddy?”

One corner of Maynard’s mouth crooked up. “Man’s already caused enough problems. Deserves to cool his heels a couple o’ days. Don’t do nothin’ I’ll have to arrest you for.”

With a nod, Jackson rolled up the window and pulled past the barricade. In his side mirror, he watched as Maynard crossed to the other deputy’s car and both men bent over laughing.

“See that, Sammi Jo?” he murmured, not expecting an answer because he’d made double-damn sure he’d tied some serious knots and gagged her pretty mouth. “I’m not the only one who thinks you need a good paddlin’.”

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  1. Hi

    I love cowboy stories and your site looks fun. Really liked the excerpt above. I subscribed to your email so I can keep up with all the news.


    1. Pam! I love the look of this site too! All that leather makes me…happy! Hope you’ll find you a copy of Cowboy Lust because I’d love to see what you think!

  2. Good Afternoon Ms. Delilah. OMG!! If only I were as lucky as Sammi Jo! I love me some cowboys! Looking forward to this book which has a few of my authors & some new ones. 🙂

    1. Leann! Exactly how I felt writing it, which is always a good test. If I’m not eager to see what happens, I can’t expect a reader to be. And believe me, Sammi Jo gets everything she deserves.

  3. Ok, now this sounds like a cowboy story I can get into. Can’t wait for the book to come out and read all the different stories. I so love cowboy stories, it’s my number one most downloaded books I read.

  4. Hellooo Delilah. I must say that I really enjoyed the excerpt above. I was initially going to get this book b/c of Cat Johnson, but I do believe I’m going to have check out some of YOUR books too if this is what I can expect…I’ll be a happy reader indeed!!!

    1. Angel! Woohoo! Hope you do. Cat’s great, and we are all loving the fact we will be “sharing” readers after this! Good luck in the drawing!

  5. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book. It sounds yummy! But then again I love all of your books along with Cat’s. They are great.

    Thanks again for the teaser.

  6. I just discovered your books!! I love them. My favorite so far has been the Lone Star series. I cant wait to read more of your books.!!!

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