Tomorrow’s the official release day, although Amazon is already selling the book. If you prefer the quest of entering a brick-and-mortar store to find your books, tomorrow’s the day to begin!

We’ve given snippets to tease you, told you what inspired our stories. We really do think that the moment you crack the cover and settle into a deep, comfy chair, you’ll begin a journey.

I’m posting my introduction to the book beneath the cover picture. We hope you enjoy the journey. Let us know…

She Shifters

Introduction: The Shapes of Desire

The concept of shapeshifters—beings both human and animal—ignites our imaginations with visions of primal passions and insatiable hungers. Most commonly seen as dark, masculine demons, I felt shapeshifters were in need of a metaphysical overhaul—a new feminine/Sapphic blending of physical power and inescapable desires.

So, I sent out a call for submissions and asked writers to re-imagine common myths. Traditional lycanthropes and feline familiars were welcome—if told with a fresh twist. However, I wanted new, inventive tales celebrating feminine power, lust, and erotic love.

Above all, as always, I wanted a surprise.

Writers took my suggestions to heart. Rather than an in-box filled with werewolf stories that my friend Kate Douglas already does so well, I read stories filled with cats, snakes, mice, cobras, seals… So much variety of species, and from such a rich mixture of mythologies, that choosing among them was painfully hard.

In the end, I chose the stories that touched my emotions. Those that painted a lushly erotic picture and made me smile or cry. I’m a pretty jaded reader. If a story can affect me, I figure others will appreciate it, too.

Usually, the idea of shapeshifting creatures is meant to elicit shivers of horror. But imagine the possibilities if the animal lurking under the skin of a woman is searching for love. Even a demon with fangs and fur can long for a tender caress. Imagine again, a human who discovers her most erotic fantasies embodied in a wild, untamable lover.

Inside She Shifters, you’ll discover how it feels to be embraced inside the warm, feathered wings of a phoenix, explore faded memories of a past life to find your one true love, race through a rain forest morphing from tiger to kingfisher, and watch your lover surrender her seal’s pelt to walk hand in hand with you along a cold and lonely shore.

Love comes running, slithering, flying—in all shapes of desire.

3 thoughts on “SHE SHIFTERS–JULY 10th!

  1. Oh yea I don’t need any more teasing. I feel like this is the biggest build up to foreplay and I might have to sit in the tub with ice to stay cool when I read it LOL.

    1. I know your not blowing smoke because just the teasers makes it sound so great and that is why when I can I also have been telling everyone to look for it. So I hope they do as I do and get it and I know the only ones that will be disappointed are the ones that don’t get it. Continue good luck in your future. I also was serious about it getting hot with the teasers that everyone has done for the blogs. My hat’s off to all of those involved.

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