13 Days… Vivi Anna’s Bloody Wicked!

13 Days… Vivi Anna’s Bloody Wicked!

I’ve known Vivi for several years now—as a friend, and as one hella talented writer! I couldn’t have been more thrilled when she submitted a story for Girls Who Bite, and when I read it, I knew I had the story I wanted to set the tone for the entire book… Delilah Devlin

Here’s an excerpt from Vivi’s sexy story, “Bloody Wicked”:

A soft, warm breeze tickled the leaves of the grand oak trees as I stepped out of the woods. The sultry night air pressed down. The weather had been unnaturally hot for the end of October, and the dying sun had brought no relief to the day’s humidity. Sweat trickled down my back and over the firm swell of my buttocks. My red silk robe clung sinuously to my clammy skin, and my long hair stuck to the back of my neck. The walk from my home to this sacred place was short, but in this heat even that produced enough sweat to slick my skin.

Bright light from the full moon illuminated the small clearing. I could clearly see the large wood stump I had consecrated months ago for my altar. I walked to it slowly, breathing in the sweet scents of the night air. It was a perfect delectable night for making magic.

I set down the wicker basket I carried on the wooden altar. Stepping alongside it, I shed my robe, and slipped off my sandals. I stretched my arms up to the heavens and closed my eyes. The warm breeze caressed my naked body. The only thing I wore was an Egyptian ankh amulet around my neck, a ward against negative energies. I took in one last deep breath, then turned to my basket and the work at hand.

“I call upon the element of air to be present and to bless the work to be done.” I raised the candle to the night sky. “Hail and welcome.”

The invocations I did intensified the ancient mystical elements that roamed the woods. I could almost see the magic in the night sky. A faint warm glow emanated around me. The spell would be powerful. I had no doubt it would work. I was a commanding witch.

From the basket, I withdrew a small clay bowl and set it on the altar. Next, I took out a brown glass bottle, opened it, and dripped oil into the bowl. The sweet warm smell of cinnamon wafted up to my nose. I took out another bottle, a plastic one, full of avocado oil, and poured some into the bowl.

Dipping my fingers into the mixture, I rubbed the liquid onto my nipples reveling in the way it made my skin tingle with heat. As I touched my skin, power trickled over me, cutting a lazy trail down my belly to pool in between my legs. Energy crested at my center, making my juices flow.

I slid my hand over the soft folds of my sex. Wet and hot, I rejoiced in the way my flesh heated even more beneath my fingertips. Slowly, I inserted two fingers inside, pumping lazily, in no hurry to find release. I loved to play with myself. The spell would be stronger because of it.

Arching my back and spreading my legs even farther apart, I added my other hand to play. I swirled my fingers over my clit, flinching as my legs tightened and flexed in response. An orgasm was building like a raging inferno.

Increasing my tempo, I fingered my sex while flicking my clit. It never failed to get me off, and I needed to come hard for my incantation to be potent. The elementals would hear my cries one way or another.

As I buried my hand to the second knuckle, I pinched my clit sharply. Within seconds, a surge of pleasure crashed through me. Moaning, I clamped my eyes shut and came like a volcano. Hot cream gushed over my fingers.

Panting, I lay there until I had the strength to move. I sat up careful not to wipe off the creamy liquid on my fingers. I reached into my basket and gathered my bolline and two pink candles. With my ritual knife, I carved an ancient symbol into one candle and set it on the altar. I dipped my hands into the oil bowl, mixing my cum with the tincture. Again, I anointed the other candle and set it with the other on the altar where I lit them both.

The wind picked up and swirled violently around me, but miraculously did not extinguish the flames. My magic was strong. This spell, I hoped, would be one of my most effective. The elementals couldn’t deny my call.

I raised my arms to the heavens, closed my eyes, and bowed my head. “And let it be done.”


Vivi Anna, a 2008 Romantic Times Reviewer Choice Winner and Canadian, likes to burn up the pages with her unique brand of fantasy fiction. Whether it’s in the Amazon jungle, an apocalyptic future, or the otherworld city of Necropolis, Vivi always writes fast paced action-adventure with strong independent women that can kick some butt. www.ViviAnna.net

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