Guest Blogger: Kristina Wright

Guest Blogger: Kristina Wright

Ohh… vampires! I so love vampires! For that matter, I love paranormal anything. Vampires, ghosts, shapeshifters, demons. Dark and sexy alpha males (and females!) who are more than what they seem… Is it just me or does your imagination conjure up all sorts of delicious possibilities when you hear the word paranormal? There is an element of the taboo in lusting after someone who is potentially dangerous, but in the world of paranormal fiction it’s not only expected, it often turns out well!

I’ve been delighted by the popularity of paranormal elements in books (and films) the past several years. I’ve discovered so many new authors who share my fascination with dark fantasy.

Like Delilah, I am also an anthologist for Cleis Press. Which means I’ve had the pleasure of not only reading some fantastic paranormal stories, I’ve been able to buy my favorite stories for some of my own anthologies. If you love Delilah’s Girls Who Bite and like your paranormal romance on the steamy side, my May anthology Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance will keep you up late into the night. The collection includes stories from seventeen amazing authors who pushed the boundaries of paranormal erotic romance to deliver uniquely sensual stories of otherwordly delights. The authors in the collection include Justine Elyot, Delilah Devlin, Shanna Germain, A.D.R Forte, Craig Sorensen, Kristina Lloyd, Saskia Walker, Sacchi Green, Nikki Magennis, Alana Noel Voth, Victoria Janssen, Lana Fox, Lucy Felthouse, Kate Pearce, Madeline Moore, Ericka Hiatt and myself, with a foreword by bestselling erotic romance author Megan Hart.

Here is an excerpt of my story “Thief of Hearts” to give taste of what you can expect between the pages of Dream Lover:

“Why are you in my dreams? Why are you here?”

His immobile face, as immobile as any sculpture, softened and he looked sheepish. “I live in your dreams. Until I’m—“ he flung his arms out, as if searching for the right word, “reinstated, so to speak, I am confined to your dreams.”

I frowned. “But I rarely dream. Or I rarely remember my dreams.”

“That’s my fault. I—steal them, for lack of a better word. They sustain me in this world.”

I pulled my legs up, unconsciously mirroring his position. “You’re not only in my dreams, you steal them? But, why?”

He let out a long, breathy sigh, as if he were tired of dealing with me. “To survive. For now, I exist only in your dreams, in that shadowy space between reality and fantasy. When I’m where I belong—” he looked toward the ceiling, “My purpose is to watch over you.”

A light bulb went off over my head. “You’re my guardian angel?”

“Yes.” He clasped his hands together, long fingers weaving in and out of each other in a way that made me shiver. “My purpose is to protect you from danger. But now we are both in danger because I can’t survive unless you sleep and dream and you can’t survive if I don’t keep watch over you.”

“That’s a conundrum.”

“You still think you’re dreaming,” he said, anger lacing his voice the way his fingers were laced over one bronzed knee.

“Oh no, this conversation makes complete sense,” I said, breezily. “I’ve been feeling a little lonely and conjured up my guardian angel to take care of my needs. Though, I must say, talking isn’t one of my needs. So, if you could just get to it—”

He surged toward me with a predatory snarl. I pressed my back to the headboard reflexively, but my body was responding to the dangerous, untamed look in his dark eyes. I was becoming aroused. That thought was even more shocking than the idea there was an angel in my bedroom.

“I know you,” he said, crowding me against the headboard. Long slender fingers closed around my wrists as he pinned my hands above my head. “I have walked through your dreams, I have tasted your very soul.”

He licked my bottom lip for emphasis, his tongue warm and wet. I caught my breath, time standing still as he nipped my lip between his teeth. I winced in pain, tasted the metallic tang of blood. My blood.

“Yes,” I breathed against his cheek.

“But something isn’t right,” he sighed, releasing my wrists. I felt a sharp pang of disappointment. “Something is missing.”

The ache between my thighs told me what was missing, but I couldn’t voice it. Instead, I watched him watching me.

“What do you want, Michelle?” His voice still held a note of predatory threat, as if I should be careful what I asked for, because I just might get it. “You are lonely. I see it in your dreams. But you are also needy in a way that goes beyond loneliness.”

“Needy. Thanks,” I muttered, though I didn’t deny it.

He grabbed my wrists again, but instead of pinning them over my head, he put them against his muscular chest. He felt warm and real. Solid.

“I don’t think you understand,” he said, a hint of desperation in his growly voice. “If we don’t resolve this problem, I will die. Or at least cease to exist in the way that you understand life. And if I die—”

Something in his expression made me swallow hard. “What?” I whispered, my voice as raspy as parchment.

“Then you will die,” he said hollowly. “I cannot exist without you and you cannot exist without me to protect you.”

If this snippet sounds intriguing, I invite you to take a trip into the paranormal realm of Dream Lover.

In October, I have a different kind of anthology coming out! Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance is steampunk made sexy! Alternate worlds, time travel, futuristic gadgets and Victorian history combine in a collection of stories to spark your imagination and inspire your fantasies. I’m in love with this anthology of 14 deliciously erotic and romantic stories and I hope you will enjoy it, too.

Personally, I cannot wait for my copy of Girls Who Bite to arrive next month! My love for all things paranormal began with vampires—namely the man himself, Dracula—and those blood sucking vamps will always have a special place in my heart. They make my pulse beat a little quicker with their blood thirsty ways and unpredictable passions. And female vampires are especially appealing—they are as ruthless and passionate as their male counterparts, but their feminine edge makes their brand of danger all the more alluring. Mmm… how much longer do I have to wait? 😉

Kristina Wright

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  1. I just ADORE the cover of Steampunk!! I cannot wait to read it!! Keep up the AWESOME work!!

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