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The Firefighter’s Appeal ?>

The Firefighter’s Appeal

What is it about firefighters that leaves so many people hot and bothered? I’ve often wondered about this attraction, and since reading Delilah’s original call for submissions for the Smokin’ Hot Firemen anthology, the question has really been on my mind. Without a doubt, firefighters are iconic symbols of heroism and bravery… but police officers, soldiers, and other dedicated individuals in life-endangering roles are no less courageous or daring. By their own rights, the men and women in these careers…

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Happy Birthday REV ME UP! ?>

Happy Birthday REV ME UP!

–CONTEST ALERT!—Leave a comment for Adele Dubois and be automatically entered to win a free PDF copy of REV ME UP. Winner’s name will be posted in the comments section within seven days.     It’s been SIX YEARS since my debut novel REV ME UP was released, in the days before Kindle and Nook became household words, and PDF was the only way to download digital books, unless you owned a Sony e-reader. When REV ME UP was first released,…

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