A big Viking thank you!

A big Viking thank you!

Out now in Kindle and print

Our Vikings made landfall on 14 July, and for a glorious while, we were true conquerors – number #1 on the Amazon Viking romance e-book list! There’s proof below – see?


Since then, we’ve fluctuated between #2 and #10 – which is awesome for an independently-published book.

The contributors to this volume – all 13 of us, including our indefatigable editor, Delilah Devlin – did our own promo for the release. But we had some help along the way, from some very generous women who hosted us at their blogs or posted reviews.

So, here’s a shout-out to you all, to say thanks (Þǫkk! in Old Norse):

Arla Dahl

Christine Mandara

Donna Allen & Stephanie Biedlingmaier from  Words Turn Me On

Gale Stanley

H.K Carlton

Kayla Lords

Muffy Wilson

Sahara Foley

And a big Viking thank you as well to all the lovely people who left us Amazon reviews!


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