Cowboy Inspired Art

Cowboy Inspired Art

In honor of the new release, Cowboy Heat, an anthology featuring stories from 14 other authors with fierce cowboys and the women strong enough to tame them taking the lead, we’ll walk in the boots of a cowboy for the next few Tuesdays and explore interesting facets of his life in the blog series, Cowboy Culture.

Last week, we talked about the cowboy’s horse. This week, it’s all about the art.

I adore art, especially paintings. Good ones. Bad ones. Even mediocre ones. They all show something special and unique. Art can reveal things about the artist, and, if you look hard enough, you may discover something new about yourself in the hued creation.

So, I share with you a few painting inspired by the loyal, hard-working cowboy.


We’ll start with this gorgeous painting by Martin Grelle. It captures the iconic hero in a relaxed pose atop his horse, surveying the vast west stretched before him.

Boot Shack

cc – jE norton

What is more artistic than the well fashioned leather of a cowboy’s boot? Not a whole lot. Some are meticulously handcrafted scrolls and arches stitched into cowhide, but they aren’t hung on the wall and admired. Cowboy boots bore the brunt of the man’s sun-up to sun-down work.


Here is a vibrant twist on the historic Vaquero painted by Jinx Springer.


And last, but certainly not least is the photograph, Fish Creek, from Adam Jahiel in a series called The Last Cowboy. Each photo is breathtaking in its simplicity and striking composition.

Go ahead. Pick a favorite. I dare you. Or share one of your favorite cowboy inspired works of art.




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