Howdy from Author Cat Johnson

Howdy from Author Cat Johnson

NY Times Bestselling Cowboy Author Cat JohnsonHello, all! I’m Cat Johnson and I’m one of the authors included in the COWBOY HEAT anthology.

A little about me… I’ve been writing forever, or at least since first grade when I won my first writing contest. I was contracted  and wrote a dozen YA books for a few major NY publishers two weeks out of college when the ink on my brand new English degree was barely dry.

I entered the romance scene in 2006, but it wasn’t until last year that I made my biggest writing dream come true and hit the NY Times best seller list with one book, and the USA Today best seller list  3 times within 6 months with 3 different titles. 2 of those 3 titles featured cowboys, proving women love them!!

Needless to say, 2013 was a hell of a year and I’m looking forward to good things for 2014 as well including new releases in both of my ongoing contemporary cowboy series, Oklahoma Nights with Kensington, and Studs in Spurs through Samhain.

I’m a New Yorker, born and raised, but I don’t live in the city. I’m on 5 acres located about 70 miles north of Manhattan. We have a farm house and barn built in the 1730s and a carriage house from the turn of the century, but I can also hop on a train and in a little over an hour, be in NYC at Madison Square Garden for the Professional Bull Riders event each January, so I have the best of both worlds.

How does a New Yorker write cowboys? I worked on a horse farm for a year or 2, mucking stalls, unloading hay trucks, feeding, watering, etc. Until just a few months ago when we lost our last one to Cushings Disease, a beautiful old mare named Isabel, I owned horses. Up to 3 at one time. They lived right outside in my old barn. They’d run in the paddock I can see from my writing room.

And, I absorbed as much as I could about cowboys by putting myself around them, both online and in real life. My most rewarding experience was driving down to North Carolina to watch the bull rider I sponsored compete in the NBR Finals. I got to watch from behind the chutes with the riders, and the bull fighters and the bulls themselves, penned up close enough I could pet them. It was an amazing experience that lends the sights and sounds of reality to the fiction I write.

So that’s pretty much it. My story in the anthology is titled Unfinished Business and is about one woman who discovers cowboys have lots of patience when it comes to waiting for the right woman. Every story in the anthology looks great, so go grab your copy now. It’s on preorder in both eBook and paperback at all the major retailers for March 18th delivery. You can find the buy links on the BOOK page here at the website.

Here is a snippet of “Unfinished Business”  from Cowboy Heat. Enjoy!

Skye wedged her way between the people. It wasn’t easy, and by the time she got to the bar, she’d already had enough of this place—but then she saw him, silhouetted by neon.

She stopped, her hand poised in midair as she reached for the stack of white napkins. It couldn’t be. Could it?

He turned, took one look at her face and his baby blues crinkled with his smile. “It’s you.”

Skye let out a breathless laugh as the tenor of Rowdy’s voice vibrated through her. “And it’s you too.”

“Good to see you again, darlin’.” He knocked back the hat hiding his dark hair and leaned in, laying his hand on her arm as he brushed a kiss against her cheek.

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6 thoughts on “Howdy from Author Cat Johnson

  1. Dear Cat;
    I just want to say I really enjoy reading all of your cowboy books, Before last July, I had never read cowboys before, and I started with a library book from Lorelei James and it turned my heart into a cowboy lover. I have read every single one of your cowboy books and am considering your military series. Cowboys changed my way of thinking… my husband of 27 years and I have now gone to a local rodeo, and are going tomorrow to the Arcadia Championship rodeo and later this month to the PBR in Tampa… Thanks for writing hot stories, I am really enjoying them, and my husband is enjoying the benefits 🙂 !

    1. Thank you, Michelle! And yes, I think Lorelei’s books are the ‘gateway’ for many a cowboy-obsessed reader. LOL

      I’m so glad you discovered the rodeo. The local ones can be such a nice, inexpensive, fun family event. The PBR can get pricey but it’s definitely worth the experience because they put on a hell of a show.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. I look forward to everyone of your books. I cant wait for this one too. I’m glad you will be in the anthology. I look forward to it.

    1. Thanks, Laura. My contribution is a short story, but the book as a whole is a wonderful way to read 15 hand-picked stories by different authors of the genre.

  3. Thanks for the great intro, Cat–been enjoying your stories for a while, and it’ll be awesome to grab this collection for all its stories!

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