Meet the Hero and Heroine of Heated Negotiations

Meet the Hero and Heroine of Heated Negotiations

With the official release date, September 3rd, of High Octane Heroes: Erotic Romance for Women right around the corner, I’d like to take a moment and introduce you to the TWO high octane heroes in my story HEATED NEGOTIATIONS.

swatcoverDonovan Wolfe’s job as Detroit’s Special Response Team captain requires an unnatural level of cool detachment. To save lives, he must assess every situation without the interference of emotion, calculate risks, formulate a plan and execute it with laser-sharp efficiency. His years fighting in every dark cave and dust bowl in the Middle East as a Special Forces Army Ranger, sharpened these skills to a deadly point. In order to streamline response times in hostage situations, Donovan requests Paige Cline, the city’s negotiations specialist be placed under his command. When the commander agrees, Donovan hears Sergeant Cline’s explosive reaction reverberates through the department. Surprisingly, it stirs in him lust, and a dormant emotion thought long dead. Finding another more primal reason to coax Paige’s surrender, Donovan enters his most challenging mission to date.

PaigecoverPaige Cline busts her hump, working twice as hard in the male dominated world of law enforcement for half the respect. After more than a decade on the force, three chevrons finally decorate her Sergeant’s uniform. Add the promotion to lead negotiator for Motor City, answerable only to the commander, and her career is made. Being raised by a cowering mother and an abusive drunkard father, had its perks; unrivaled skills as a hostage negotiator. Free from a toxic ex-husband, Paige focuses on saving lives and catching bad guys. Everything is as it should be, until the SRT captain tries to usurp her authority.

New to town, Paige decides to introduce herself, and put him in his proper place. If only she’d known where that place would be.

Paige clutched a fistful of Abercrombie-style button down and pivoted. The college boy, who smelled of cheep whiskey, completed his decent head first to the concrete without taking her along for the ride. Bobbing around his friends, who all looked as cute and as wasted, she continued winding through the crowd. While most around her craned their necks toward the sky mouths agape at the colorful spectacle of friendly little bombs, she kept her target in view. The Fourth of July crush of one million warm Detroit bodies wasn’t enough to deter her lust for vengeance. It had been twenty-four hours since she’d been royally screwed and reaped no pleasure from the experience. Tonight she would get a release.        

The security guard working the door of the City-County Building nodded at Paige’s badge and she rushed through the lobby. Up the elevator and down a corridor of cubicle sized offices, Paige saw the door labeled “Roof Access” in the distance. After two ground eating strides in its direction the door swung wide with a metal smack and two Special Response Team members in full tact gear walked into the hallway.             

At the sight of the blacked-out commandos, their faces obscured by balaclavas and bodies loaded with Kevlar and weaponry, adrenalin shot through her veins like a bullet from a gun. All thoughts of fatigue, from lack of sleep over the past forty-eight hours or the hour-and-a-half it took warring the crowd to get here, vanished. Shoulders back and chin up she stopped directly in front of the two men.         

“Donovan Wolfe?”        

Two sets of eyes before her went wide followed by head shaking. The tallest of the two hitched a thumb toward the access door. Paige inclined her head, a small gesture of thanks, and pushed past them.         

One of the men, no way to know which since she wasn’t looking, cleared his throat. “Sergeant Cline, should we call an ambulance?”        

The corners of her mouth turned up when she replied. “No. Call the medical examiner.”

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at “Heated Negotiations,” one of many fabulous stories in the High Octane Heroes: Erotic Romance for Women Anthology!

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    1. Sharon, thanks so much! After a week of family vacation, I’m looking forward to some quiet reading time with some HOHs!!

    1. It’s packed full of hard hitting stories! I’m happy you enjoyed meeting Paige and Donovan. Thanks for stopping by!!

  1. Thanks for the kick-ass excerpt Megan. It looks like it’ll be a winner.

    My inner editor raise her head though, whipping out the metaphorical red pen and gleefully corrected typos and homonym errors. You might consider a quick review before publishing, or at least updating the ebook. What can I say? I’m anal. 😀

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