Michael Bracken finds his softer side

Michael Bracken finds his softer side

Erotic romance? Me?

I’ve been writing erotic fiction ever since “City Desk,” my first erotic mystery, appeared in the January 1983 issue of Gentleman’s Companion. Beginning with that story and continuing through much of my career, my erotic fiction has been written from a male viewpoint for a male readership. These are masculine fantasies of big-busted babes who serve more as bedroom decorations than romantic interests while macho protagonists spew testosterone across the pages.

But other writing opportunities allowed me to explore additional genres. I wrote, and continue to write, women’s fiction for women’s magazines. I wrote Just in Time for Love, a young adult romance novel, and Unbridled Love: A Romance with Horse Sense for adults. Over time I learned that it was possible to include erotic scenes in my romances and romantic scenes in my erotica.

And then I completed the transition. A few years ago I started writing erotic romance. My story “Drought” appears in Delilah Devlin’s anthology Cowboy Lust and “Big Guns” appears in her forthcoming anthology High Octane Heroes. I wrote Stud (as Rolinda Hay), an erotic romance novel, and I’ve written several additional erotic romance short stories still in the publishing pipeline.

Have I stopped writing masculine fantasies of big-busted babes? Nah. But these days I like to balance my erotic writing, alternating macho erotic stories with erotic romances.

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  1. Thanks, Tahira. I think there are two male contributors to High Octane Heroes, so you’ll get to see how two different male writers approach erotic romance!

  2. Way back when (I was a teen), I remember reading a novel by Harold Robbins (My Mom left out) and was introduced to the male perspective. I was so amazed that they wrote books like that! It may not be categorized as erotica, but it was close.
    I haven’t read male perspective erotica, at least as far as I know. So I’m looking forward to reading your story in HOH, & I’ll visit Amazon to check out your other stories. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m joining the party and looking forward to reading erotic romance from a male perspective! Congratulations on having such a varied and successful career.

  4. I’ve read several romances from husband and wife writing pairs and a few erotic romances written by men. It’s nice to get a story with a male point of view. I’m looking forward to reading your story in this collection!

  5. Thank you, Karen and Susan. When I post again next month I’ll discuss how my experience writing in three different genres blended to create “Big Guns.”

  6. How fun, Michael–it’s fun to see how different (or similar) writing from a different perspective can be! Thanks for the intro to your work!

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