Megan Mitcham: Beyond the Bedroom Door

Megan Mitcham: Beyond the Bedroom Door

Erotic Romance.

Two years ago I knew the word romance. Shoot, every starry-eyed girl from age five on does. Thank you, popular fiction and cinema! Though I’d never heard it spoken in my twenty plus years of life, I knew the word erotic. Even knew what it meant. But, I’d never heard the term “erotic romance,” much less about it’s hard-earned place in the world of publishing.

Now, I was no prude or doe-eyed virgin. First, I grew up in a LARGE Catholic family. After the tenth cousin to come along in far fewer years, a girl begins asking questions about how those babies come to be, and storks and God were NOT sufficient answers. Second, my parents (yes, both parents—with an S—Mom and Dad) gave me “the talk” at age twelve to clear up any misinformation I may have picked up from the school yard. Third, I graduated from college and had a husband (hubba hubba!) and child of my own.

Still, anything beyond the bedroom door was off limits for discussion…except in your own bedroom or in your tightest friendship circles, and even then, some things were off limits, and some required a little liquid courage. Taboo = Sex

Then, smack me on the back and call me Sally, I stumbled onto Delilah Devlin’s webpage.

Honestly, while researching authors in a writing group I contemplated joining (and did later join…DSRA) I clicked on DD’s link and turned beet red. I couldn’t believe the excerpt I read. Raw. Passionate. Sexy. And, at the time, way out of my comfort zone. Remember, I had no idea the genre existed. This was before Erotic Romance could be found on the shelves at your local Walmart, and when the only thing I knew about a threesome was the time I kissed my boyfriend goodnight with his kid brother in the backseat…and I held back on the tongue.

You might ask yourself, “How/Why in world is this lady writing Erotic Romance?”

I have a fabulous answer! My next High Octane Heroes Blog Post is August 8th: Why I love Erotic Romance. Stay tuned! And, on August 28th, I’ll give you a peek into my High Octane story, “Heated Negotiations!”

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9 thoughts on “Megan Mitcham: Beyond the Bedroom Door

  1. Loved your post.

    I came to learn about erotic romance when I picked up a book at a bookstore because I liked the cover. The book was Heather’s Gift by Lora Leigh. WOW! I didn’t know people wrote about menages and lots of other things. This preacher’s daughters eyes were opened thats for sure!

    1. This world surprises daily. Sometimes it’s a good one. 😉 So, glad you found Lora Leigh’s book! You’re certainly right about LOTS of other things. I’m excited to see what all the other Hight Octane Heroes stories hold! Thanks for stopping in and sharing, Teresa!!

  2. Glad you expanded your horizons and that you found such a great author to introduce you to the genre. I look forward to reading your next post!

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