Guest Blogger Charlotte McClain (With Contest!)

Guest Blogger Charlotte McClain (With Contest!)

Hi! Cynthia D’Alba here. I’m pleased to welcome another one of my fellow authors who appreciates all the assets firemen have. If you’re here, then you also appreciate these brave men. Charlotte McClain has put together a whole list of why she loves these special men and women!

  1. Firefighters come when you call.
  2. Firefighters don’t mind hanging around the (station) house all day.
  3. Big boots mean big – uh – hearts. Yeah, that’s it. Hearts.
  4. Firefighters know the best route to get anywhere in town.
  5. Firefighters can cook.
  6. The firefighter’s carry is perfect for moving from the living room to the bedroom.
  7. Firefighters clean up after themselves.
  8. Running into danger is part of their job. So is rescuing your cat from a tree.
  9. Firefighters have a really cool ride.
  10. Firefighters know how to handle their hoses.
  11. Firefighters are good under pressure.
  12. You have to wonder what they’re wearing under those turnouts.
  13. Firefighters are always there to save the day.
  14. Fire is in their name.

Now for some fun! I’m giving away a copy of Struck by Lightning to one lucky person who leave a comment, so please do! Any comment will do but how about…can you add to my list? 

Here’s a little about the book you might win:

Sometimes a dream life is really a nightmare.

Rebecca has big plans. She’s going to be a famous artist, even if she has to sell her soul to do it. And so far, it’s working for her. She’s gaining notoriety in local art circles, but the “crap art” she’s selling makes her miserable. Ducking into the local fire station during a rainstorm, she finds the perfect way to distract herself–a hot firefighter with a big ego begging to be toyed with.

Dan would be the first to admit he has a big ego, but there’s something about Rebecca…

Hunting her down after that first kiss in the rain turns out to be the easy part. Making her happy might be impossible. But Dan is willing to do whatever it takes, including helping her buy back her soul.

Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the uniform. Or maybe Rebecca and Dan were simply struck by lightning.

WARNING: Violent weather, workplace disasters, and life happening despite the best laid plans.

Want to read more? To read an excerpt, click HERE

Cyndi again…Thanks Charlotte for visiting today. Here’s Charlotte’s web links so you can find her!

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15 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Charlotte McClain (With Contest!)

  1. 1. Firefrighters always wear their uniform in all kinds of weather
    2. Firefrighters don’t mind getting hot or wet during line of duty
    3. Firefrighters always sound their siren, when they are on their way to your house
    4. Firefrighters wear hot underwear under their uniform, because they are so wild and hot with energy
    5. Firefrighters will carry you out the fire with both hands

  2. Firefighters are also the first ones to help those in the community. If there is a benefit going on for someone the whole crew is quick to come out to support the benefit.

    And they look awesomely hot while they help!!

    Great post!

  3. I loved this book, such a great read! I don’t need a copy, I just everyone to buy this book and enjoy it as much as I did!!!

  4. Firefighters don’t think of themselves first – it’s always about what someone else needs. Great list!

    1. Very true. I used to plan my walking path between my house and the library when I lived in the US so I passed the fire station because I knew if I needed help all I had to do was run to the station. (It was an iffy neighborhood.)

  5. Wow–great list, Charlotte! And gorgeous cover! 😉 Firefighters make great heroes and heroines, that’s for sure!

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