Wet Cowboys

Wet Cowboys

Wet Cowboys are soooo sexy!

Hello! I am Nena Clements. I am so excited to be a part of this anthology. I love cowboys. I spent eleven years in West Texas in the desert living the cowboy dream… almost. If you call a comfortable city home with trips to the horse boarding farm a dream. It was a start, though. Now we have our own place with more than just that great little mare. She has given us about six more offspring.

Of course, growing up in that era when the best family shows for kids were Bonanza and Gunsmoke could very well have influenced my tendency to write about cowboys as well.  Cowboys make glorious heroes. To this day I will still watch a cowboy film, new or old, over most anything else. (I seem to be dating myself, don’t I?)

With all this history, what’s a girl to do but put herself into that world again?



My contribution to this work is a little ditty of a story called “Caught Unawares”. A girl in a pond drenched to the bone is just too much for any man to resist. Here is a tidbit to “wet” your appetite.

Once she regained her footing, Reece released his hold on her waist. Lacy’s fingers circled his wrist and give his arm a fierce tug. The force pulled him off his feet. Before his head slipped into the water, her smirk lit a fire in her eyes.

“What the hell,” he sputtered as his head broke the surface. “I’m only trying to help, Lace. You don’t have to drown me in the process.”

“I didn’t ask you for any help.” Hands on her hips, she breathed a gust of air. Those brown eyes threw fire at him.

Reece struggled to get his feet under him, the water in his boots giving him fits. He still hadn’t righted himself when Lacy pushed through the water toward him. What was she doing?

She wore that same half smile she fixed in place when her little brain had conjured something mischievous and daring for her brother Thad. That never boded well.

Reece raised one brow at her approach, wary of her volatile nature. A feather could have knocked him over when Lacy fisted the front of his shirt and leaned into him. Her chocolate eyes held his gaze then shifted to his mouth. A sweep of her pink tongue the length of her full bottom lip made his mouth turn dry as she leaned in close and brushed a tentative kiss across his mouth.

A low moan escaped his throat as she pulled away. She tasted of honey and smelled of damp wild flowers. A timid tilt of her mouth and a sparkle in her eye betrayed her own pleasure in the act.

Instinctively, Reece circled his arms around her shoulders and drew her closer. Lacy yielded, molding her body into his and tilting her face up. Dipping his head, he angled his mouth over her warm lips and pressed a heated kiss on her mouth. The contact of their bodies and the intimacy of their mouths ignited a blaze to rival any prairie fire. Heat scorched over the damp surface of his skin. He could have sworn steam rose from the water droplets.

Reece was aware of nothing else but Lacy. The way her hands trailed up the muscles of his back and her fingers as they dug into his shoulders. Her body pressed into his and all he felt was the delicious pressure of her curves against his hard chest and the softness of her skin as his hands dug beneath her shirt.

She kissed him with equal fervor. Hard and demanding. Emboldened by her confidence, Reece nudged his tongue against her lip, enticing her to open to him. Her soft lips parted and his tongue rasped against hers, warm and wet. Lacy moaned an answering sigh as his tongue swept deeper into her mouth, tangling with hers. Her grasp on his shoulders tightened and as she met his every thrust with equal vigor. Tension built inside him as the taste of honey mingled with Lacy.


Hope you enjoy the rest of the story and check out all the other  wonderful stories by awesome authors in this book.






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