Rough Stock

Rough Stock

When they hear the phrase rodeo star, I suspect most people think of bold, fearless, and sexy men in the American ‘Wild West’, testing their strength, skills, and courage against horses and other livestock in daring competitions…. and that bugs me a little bit.

As I was writing my submission for this anthology, I wanted to do two things: celebrate the thriving competitive rodeo community in Western Canada, and pay tribute to the bold, fearless, and sexy women who also risk their lives to earn a name for themselves in the professional rodeo circuits.

In my story, Rough Stock, a fallen rodeo star is determined to reclaim her confidence and her buckle, with the support of a handsome young ranch hand.

Here’s a teaser:

A sudden hush, then flurry of excited whispers heralded her approach. Flicking the brim of his hat up, Dawson glanced back across the showground as Kennedy advanced. Like all the Rawlings, she was impossible to mistake, even in a crowd. That family carried their personalities in their gait, and Kennedy’s stride spoke of confidence, fearlessness, and a fierce, indomitable pride. He grinned openly as he watched her boldly cut her way through the crowd. Her shoulders were rolled back, her chin was thrust out, and the girl’s hips swaggered like a true vaquero.

At 19, Kennedy had finally grown into the long-legged, awkward body she had been teased for all through middle-school. She was a tough, tall girl with a solid, athletic build. Like the champion stock her father bred, she was broad-shouldered and muscular. Rough-mannered and rough-spoken alike, she had a reputation for always speaking her mind. She could be quick-tempered at time, and, although she was by no means reckless, she had a fiercely stubborn, competitive side. Like her father, when she set a challenge for herself, she would push herself to her absolute limit to see that goal reached. It was a trait that had brought Jake Rawlings his early success as a young man working the circuits, and had become the driving force behind Kennedy’s decision to carry on the family tradition by competing in the rodeos as well.

Her career choice wasn’t unusual for their community, though. Their town always had a strong showing of participants in the women’s rodeo, and a handful of local girls also competed in the professional circuit. Kennedy’s family certainly would have supported her if she had shown an interest in following a similar professional path, but she bristled at the idea. The pro competitions were too restrictive; women could only compete in a handful of events, the bulk of which were timed ones. Although Kennedy was a natural at the barrel racing and team roping, her heart wasn’t in it. She lived for the rough stock events; she thrived on the risk and danger of testing herself physically against the raw power and strength of the broncos and bulls.

As a result of both her appearance and interests, Kennedy had a reputation for being wild and fearless. Even her parents held that opinion of her, but Dawson knew better. She wasn’t as thick-skinned as she let on…


M. Marie lives in the heart of downtown Toronto and is both an erotica writer and enthusiast. 😉 More information on her recent and upcoming publications can be found on her blog at

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  1. Another new, concept for me…I’m hoping that other fans are taking a real intrest in all these wonderful sounding stories. Also another one I can’t wait to read

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