A Little Girl-on-Girl Action? by Myla Jackson

A Little Girl-on-Girl Action? by Myla Jackson

I have to admit, I didn’t know if I could write girl-on-girl love scenes. What did I know? Secretly I have to admit the idea is titillating and caused me to squirm in my little ol’ office chair, but me? Write a dynamic, female duo love scene? I took the challenge, warming up with an “instructional” scene in my book Duty Bound, an historical western I wrote for Samhain Publishing. I had so much fun with it, I decided I could rise to the Delilah Devlin/Cleis challenge of Girls Who Bite and write The Gift of Lilith. And now that I’ve done it…there’s no going back! It was fun, sexy and made me look at women in an entirely different light. Not just as male sex objects but as female sex objects too.

Here’s an excerpt from Bound and Tied: Duty Bound to whet your appetite for a little Girl-on-Girl Action:


After the men left the room and Rosalyn closed the door, KC climbed out from under the bed and stood, her heart racing and her breathing erratic, her hands covering her naked breasts. “Teach me how to do that, please.”

Rosalyn’s pretty brows arched. “Do what?”

“Turn a man’s head.” KC stared at the beautiful woman, her gaze dropping to Rosalyn’s cleavage, her mouth dangerously dry. “Heck, show me how you turned my head. I never knew a woman could be so…so…”

With a slow, sensuous smile, Rosalyn closed the distance between herself and KC. “So desirable?”

KC gulped. “Y-yes.”

“Let’s start here.” Rosalyn pried KC’s hands from her body and pushed them to her sides. “You have beautiful breasts, KC. Don’t be afraid to show a little.”

A nervous giggle bubbled up and overflowed. “A little? This is more than just a little.” Her eyes widened. “You don’t expect me to march in and strip for the man, do you? I mean, there’s convincing…and there’s crazy.”

Rosalyn’s low chuckle did nothing to calm KC’s racing pulse. If anything it made her body even warmer, wrapping her in an intimate moment with the other woman.

“Honey, you only show enough to make them want more. Lesson one: an artfully clothed woman is much more enticing than a naked harlot.”

Mesmerized by Rosalyn’s voice, KC nodded. As the words sank in, she frowned. “But I’m not artfully clothed.”

“Lesson two: artful clothing begins at the foundation.” Rosalyn slipped her fingers inside the waistband of KC’s trousers and loosened the buttons. With a flick of her wrists, the trousers fell down KC’s legs, pooling around her ankles and boots. “You have all the right attributes. All you need is the proper framing.”

“What do you mean attributes?” KC asked, her words a breathy whisper, her body on fire with every touch of Rosalyn’s hands. Her mind kept telling her this was immoral, but she couldn’t back away, couldn’t leave, couldn’t stop the fall over the cliff of righteous behavior into the chasm of wicked, evil lust.

No wonder men had such a difficult time remaining faithful to their wives. With women like Rosalyn willing to satisfy their every need…

Rosalyn stepped closer still, her hands rising to cup KC’s breasts. “We’ll start with your breasts.”

“My breasts?” KC’s mind whirled with the sensations shooting through her body, angling downward to the center of her womanhood.

“A man would be completely captivated by these full, luscious mounds, tipped by rosy, pink cherries. He’d salivate for the chance to pluck the fruit right off the tip.” Rosalyn bent to take one of KC’s nipples into her mouth, sucking it gently between her teeth. “Mmmm…lovely.” Her tongue flicked the pebbled peak.

KC’s back arched, pressing her breast deeper into Rosalyn’s mouth. “A man will do that?” She closed her eyes, her body swaying toward Rosalyn.

“Oh, yes, and more.”

“More?” KC’s nipple tingled and bursts of fire burned through her veins. “So this is passion?”

“It’s only the beginning.”

“I don’t think I could handle much more than this.” KC stared down at the top of Rosalyn’s dark head. “Has anyone ever died doing this?”

Rosalyn laughed and straightened. “No, honey. It’s quite natural to feel the way you do.”

“But I feel as though I have the vapors.” Her knees wobbled, barely able to support her.

Rosalyn’s fingers cupped KC’s cheeks and she stared into her eyes. “Breathe, KC, breathe.”

KC sucked in air, aware for the first time in minutes that she’d been holding her breath. With the return of air to her lungs, the encroaching fog lifted from her vision. “Oh, my. You are very good at this.”

“I should be.” Rosalyn’s smile faded. “I taught many women the techniques necessary to keep their husbands.” She gripped KC’s shoulders, angling her backward.

KC waddled, tangled in the trousers wrapped around her ankles. “You did? What happened? Why aren’t you doing that anymore?” When the backs of her knees bumped into the ticking on the bed, KC sat.

Rosalyn kneeled and worked the boots off KC’s feet. “That is a long story.” She dropped the boots to the floor and tugged the trousers free of KC’s legs.

Now that she was completely naked, KC’s breath caught in her throat.

A gentle hand slid up the inside of KC’s leg from her calf to her thigh. “You have beautiful legs, slim and strong.” Rosalyn rose to her feet, nudging KC’s knees apart to stand between them.

KC had no idea what Rosalyn would do next, but her heart pounded in anticipation of the lesson. “I’d like to hear your story.”

“My story is not nearly as interesting as what I am about to show you.” Rosalyn touched the thatch of hair over KC’s mons, her fingers weaving through the curls. “I had a thriving business. I was respected in my own way. Then I made the mistake of falling in love. All it got me was crossways with the law.”

KC gasped as waves of heat radiated from her core, setting her body on fire. Despite the wickedness of what Rosalyn was doing to her, KC longed for more.

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  1. This is the first time I have ever read f/f. I have to say…wow.

  2. Duty Bound is on my TBR list. I refuse to read the excerpt. If I do I will try to fill in the details and I always get it wrong! I love the cover, though.

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