Lilith Gets a Bad Rap

Lilith Gets a Bad Rap

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“It all began with Lilith when she refused to be subservient to Adam in the Garden of Eden. She’d been cursed with the gift of immortality until she chose to pass the gift on to another woman equally resistant to man’s dominance.

Ultimately I’d been chosen as the vessel to contain the memories of those who’d come before me. A burden no twenty-year-old could begin to comprehend until she’d been twenty for several lifetimes.”

This is an excerpt from my story The Gift of Lilith in the Girls Who Bite Anthology. I actually got the idea to write this story from my sister, Delilah Devlin. Stuck for inspiration and in a hurry between other deadlines, I brainstormed with Delilah. She had several ideas for stories and I chose this one and made it my own. I love the concept of immortality being a blessing as well as a curse. To watch all those you love die and to live on year after year has to be heartbreaking. Like someone who lives to be 100 who outlives all her children has to be very sad.

Many of the legends portrayed Lilith as a demon, an evil being who rejected Adam because she refused to be subservient to him. Some say she preferred to be on top when making love. She walked away from Adam and God gave Adam the meek Eve. Well, we all know how that story turned out. Even other legends claimed Lilith was a succubus who visited men in their dreams, thus giving men an excuse for wet dreams.

I choose to think of Lilith as a strong women with a mind of her own, cast out because she chose to speak up for her rights as an individual and a woman. I love writing about strong women who make choices that are right for them. That doesn’t mean they are evil. Many make the tough choices because they care so deeply about the people they love. These women are willing to sacrifice all, like Katherine in my story The Gift of Lilith.


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13 thoughts on “Lilith Gets a Bad Rap

  1. I can’t for this book to come out. I’m not too big on f/f but Myla, you write it beautifully. I reviewed Duty Bound so don’t enter me in the contest. **sigh**

  2. Wow sounds like a good story I may have to add that to my TBR pile!! Congrats on the book sounds like a good one.

  3. I’ve been meaning to get to this blog FOREVER and finally got here. CANNOT wait for this story to come out. I enjoy all forms of erotica, particularly when the women are strong-minded and outspoken. It also helps that, Myla, you and Delilah are autobuys for me!!!! 🙂

  4. I love the excerpt. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Duty Bound. I will have to add both books to my wish list.

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