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Sacchi Green: Strong Women, Fairy Tales, and a Short Story Writer’s Lament ?>

Sacchi Green: Strong Women, Fairy Tales, and a Short Story Writer’s Lament

I like to write and read about strong women.  Probably all of us do, from time to time, but even if I start out trying to write a more submissive character, by the end she’ll be as strong-willed as any hero. In my very first long ago erotic short story (eventually published in Dream Lover, an anthology edited by Kristina Wright for Cleis Press,) the central character is a prostitute dominated and brutalized by her pimp, a woman who has…

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10 Days: Enslaved by Elle James ?>

10 Days: Enslaved by Elle James

Note: Here’s another chance to win the Amazon gift card! Just be sure to comment! UPDATE: The winner of the card is Eniko! *~*~*~*~* I visited Ireland in 2012 and loved the many centuries of history you could see evident in the structures and ruins all over the island. The Vikings found their way to this island and staked a claim for a time, interbred with the inhabitants and became an integral part of the culture. Here’s an excerpt from…

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3 Days: The Bodyguard by Jacqueline Brocker ?>

3 Days: The Bodyguard by Jacqueline Brocker

Picking a time and sticking with it One word in the submission call caught my eye: samurai. Now, I thought, that could be interesting. I’d majored in both Japanese and History (a common theme it seems for several of us in the anthology) at university, though I barely speak Japanese now, so the combination of two old loves was very appealing. But when to set the story? Japanese history is vast and varied, and the idea of what a samurai…

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6 Days: Broken Vows by Anya Richards ?>

6 Days: Broken Vows by Anya Richards

Why are we so often impulsive, especially when we’re young? This is the question the hero of Broken Vows is forced to ask himself when the effects of his chivalrous actions are suddenly too hard to swallow. Like many young men, Gareth was let down by the lady who had won his heart and, at that time, he swore never to love again. Unfortunately, he took his vow too far, actually invoking the name of God. Now, older, wiser, and…

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Sneaking Around (and a Contest!) ?>

Sneaking Around (and a Contest!)

Hi Readers!  It’s me, Giselle Renarde, blogging today. There’s a bit of chit-chat, a bit of excerpt, and a contest, so keep reading. The story I wrote for SheShifters was rather unique for me.  I write a ton of lesbian erotica, but not often paranormal, and I don’t often include characters who are sex workers. My story “Sneak” involves a mouse shifter (yes, a mouse!) living in a backwoods bordello that’s fallen mostly into disuse.  There’s only one woman still…

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Snapshot #1: Catnip (Contest) ?>

Snapshot #1: Catnip (Contest)

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to introduce you to the stories and the authors you will find within the covers of She Shifters. I’m up first! Not only did I get to edit this luscious collection, I wrote a story too. From the title of the book, She Shifters, you get a pretty good idea about the general paranormal theme—supernatural creatures that blend from human form to some creature, but that’s the last pre-conceived notion you should…

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