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UK vs US ?>

UK vs US

There’s nothing like a cowboy in the UK.  We don’t have anything as powerfully iconic as this historic and symbolic figure from the US. So, I guess that’s what drew me to the answer the submission call; could a Brit writer take on the all American cowboy and make it work? The storm arrives with wild abandon, twisting and turning, gray fury  unleashing torrential rain that blurs the horizon. “I don’t think you should drive in this weather, Candace!” my…

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9 days…Why lesbian vampires are so important, by Rebecca S. Buck ?>

9 days…Why lesbian vampires are so important, by Rebecca S. Buck

We’ve established that vampires are sexy, and if you find lesbians sexy too, then lesbian vampires are even sexier. Girls Who Bite is a collection of erotic tales, and sexy is what it’s all about. However, an anthology of vampire stories that feature solely female vampires and victims is something that’s very necessary in the vampire world, if you ask me. Most vampire stories involve some play with heterosexual sexuality, and the role of the male in particular. Though intrinsically…

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Lilith Gets a Bad Rap ?>

Lilith Gets a Bad Rap

Contest winner is: Jen B – Contact Myla Jackson for your free download of Duty Bound “It all began with Lilith when she refused to be subservient to Adam in the Garden of Eden. She’d been cursed with the gift of immortality until she chose to pass the gift on to another woman equally resistant to man’s dominance. Ultimately I’d been chosen as the vessel to contain the memories of those who’d come before me. A burden no twenty-year-old could…

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