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Whet Your Appetite ?>

Whet Your Appetite

I love military heroes, both real and fictional. I guess that’s not surprising, considering most of the men in my family served in the military during war time. My dad was a Marine, my husband served on a battleship in the Navy, and my son plans to join the military next year. All of my uncles and most of my brothers-in-law served in the Navy, and claim those years were among the best of their lives. A few say they wished…

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HOOK ME UP by Adele Dubois ?>

HOOK ME UP by Adele Dubois

Contest Update!!!! The WINNER of the Firefighter Christmas ornament is CHRISTINA C.! For another chance to win an identical firefighter ornament, please visit my stop on the SMOKIN’ HOT FIREMEN blog tour at Ramblings From This Chick  Thursday, July 18. I hope to see you there!  –CONTEST ALERT!– When Cleis Press chose our stunning cover for SMOKIN’ HOT FIREMEN, with that gorgeous George Clooney lookalike model holding a kitten, I jumped for joy! You see, my contribution to the anthology, titled  Hook…

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Happy Birthday REV ME UP! ?>

Happy Birthday REV ME UP!

–CONTEST ALERT!—Leave a comment for Adele Dubois and be automatically entered to win a free PDF copy of REV ME UP. Winner’s name will be posted in the comments section within seven days.     It’s been SIX YEARS since my debut novel REV ME UP was released, in the days before Kindle and Nook became household words, and PDF was the only way to download digital books, unless you owned a Sony e-reader. When REV ME UP was first released,…

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A Bit of Tongue…In Cheek by Adele Dubois ?>

A Bit of Tongue…In Cheek by Adele Dubois

–CONTEST ALERT!– Be sure to leave a comment and be automatically entered to win a PDF copy of “The Crystal Altar” by Adele Dubois from award-winning GIRLS WHO BITE. Two winners selected! *** “That sex was the most fun I’ve ever had without laughing.”  This movie quote came from the film Annie Hall. The character who said it was right—sex is fun, which is why I sometimes like my story heroines to laugh when they’re in a flirty mood. Sex…

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14 Days ?>

14 Days

It’s All About Fantasy by Adele Dubois My road to writing girl on girl stories started in 2006 with my first erotic romance novel. Though my story hero and heroine were monogamous and straight, the secondary female characters were bi-sexual and experimental. I took a walk on the wild side with those characters and included some fun, highly graphic, female/female sex scenes. The scenes made sense, since they fit nicely with the plot and the character profiles. They also got…

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–CONTEST ALERT!– As a straight, long-time married woman, I confess I’ve never had a yen to read male/male erotic romances, nor the inclination to write them. Maybe that’s because I grew up around the theatre—in a world that included my parents’ gay male friends and protégés. In my twenties, I lived in a gay community in the city, and later owned a business with a large gay clientele. Our circle was passionate about the theatre, books and art and we…

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