SUBLET – Part 4

SUBLET – Part 4

What happens when two exes have to live in an apartment built for one?

Steven and Mariah were once lovers, but working in professional theater doesn’t make a love affair easy, or even possible for many who find themselves all over the world on tours. Working on a stage show in New York City, Steven sublets Mariah’s barely-big-enough-for-one apartment. What are they to do when her world tour shuts down as well as his show?

They can’t go anywhere else, so they’ll just have to stay together.

Published in short story sized sections, “Sublet” will give you a love story in several acts and, hopefully, leave you calling for an encore at the end! ALL four parts of the story are in this file, so if you’ve read Parts 1, 2 & 3, select Part 4 to continue!

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And that’s where he went wrong.

She smelled like heaven.

More specifically, coconut.

It was in her hair.

It’s what made her hair curl instead of frizz. He’d always made jokes about the tropical smell, but secretly he’d loved it. When she slept, he’d lean in and draw in the scent of her hair over and over. He’d never admit to it, but he was guilty of it. Then…and now.

That scent.

After they’d broken up, going their own ways with their careers, he’d still smelled her hair on his jacket weeks later.

And there he was again, breathing in the sunny scent of coconut in her hair and looking down into her eyes, bright with laughter.

Her lips parted, and she leaned just a little closer to him.

About Reina Torres            

Who would have thought that I’d start off as a painfully shy child writing stories and end up as a painfully shy adult writing books and publishing them for others to read? Crazy? That’s me!!

When I was a little girl, I read every book I could get my hands on and if I didn’t have one available to read, I’d get out my pencils and paper and write down stories and scenes. Waiting for my mom to finish working, I’d duck into the ladies’ breakroom and use the typewriter. I’d feel like Jessica Fletcher, happily tap, tap, tapping away until I got to “The End.” Couldn’t quite get the flourish after that and end up tearing the paper, but it was cool and scary to sit down and read the book or give it to my friends to read.

Now, my “typewriter” doesn’t clack the same way, and I don’t even have paper to pull out of it with a nod of satisfaction, but I have the joy and excitement of sharing my characters and books with people all around the world!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my books because I’m going to keep writing as long as the characters are feeling chatty!