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Lizzie Ashworth has been through career, marriage, kids, and even ran her own cafe, but writing has always been her secret love. Hidden away on a remote woodland hilltop in the great American South, she accepts advice from her hound dog Weezie and her yellow cat Mao. With an undergraduate degree in English and some grad school hours in writing workshops, she knows just enough about crafting stories to be dangerous. What she find most exciting about today, this minute, in the history of literature, is that the author can present stories to her readers without waiting for someone else’s approval. Even more thrilling is the modern author’s freedom to reveal intimate secrets of sexual interactions and explore the sensual dynamic of human emotion. What a glorious time to write!
11 Days: Invasion of Nefyn by Lizzie Ashworth

11 Days: Invasion of Nefyn by Lizzie Ashworth

Hunky Warriors — who can resist? Sexy romance stories are a perfect match with historical scenes and characters. Both take us far away from today and the daily grind of our lives. That’s what we expect from any entertainment media, and Hot Highlanders, Wild Warriors delivers the goods. What a great bunch of stories! My inspiration for “Invasion of Nefyn” was triggered by reading historic novels by Bernard Cornwell. Details of daily life command just as much of the reader’s…

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