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Megan Mitcham: Elevation and 2 Free Novels for All ?>

Megan Mitcham: Elevation and 2 Free Novels for All

Billionaires…I never understood the draw. They’re barricaded from the world by high walls, security systems and guards. Blue Collar men, on the other hand, build the foundations we live upon. They see and experience the gritty world and do their part to make it a better place. These men aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. To all our Blue Collar heroes out there, thank you! Without you we couldn’t… A major thank you to Delilah Devlin for collecting such an…

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Vampire Bites: Pre-Order Now! ?>

Vampire Bites: Pre-Order Now!

Hello, everyone! I’m Erzabet Bishop and my story in the Rogues anthology is “The Highwayman Came Riding.” In my short and sexy tale, a sleepy reader gets the thrill of her life when her favorite story comes to life and becomes her greatest fantasy. What is real and what is a dream? You decide! Check out Rogues today and also pre-order out my new story in the Vampire Bites box set coming soon!   PRE-ORDER NOW! For a limited time…

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Megan Mitcham: Under the Sheets ?>

Megan Mitcham: Under the Sheets

In my previous post, Beyond the Bedroom Door, I blogged about my rather innocent introduction into the world of erotic romance. …while researching authors in a writing group I contemplated joining (and did later join…DSRA) I clicked on DD’s link and turned beet red. I couldn’t believe the excerpt I read. Raw. Passionate. Sexy. And, at the time, way out of my comfort zone. Remember, I had no idea the genre existed. This was before erotic romance could be found…

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