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The Star – Tahira Iqbal ?>

The Star – Tahira Iqbal

I put a lot of thought into the type of hero that I wanted when I started to research The Star. He had to have lightening sharp reflexes, a command of steel and a presence so sure that you were instantly comforted or terrified. Luckily in this case, it’s the former. So if I knew this guy could take care of a billion dollar jet, I knew that Estella was going to be in good hands. I shiver as the…

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Bringing it, with Sidney Bristol ?>

Bringing it, with Sidney Bristol

Hello hunky hot hero fans! Anyone else excited about the upcoming anthology?? I am! When I heard the call for a “high octane hero” I thought of the kind of person who could save the day—even with one arm tied behind his back. That was where I started, but not where the story ends. Once Upon a Time in Mukdahan touches on the time I spent living in Thailand and my personal visit to Mukdahan, which is a large city on…

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Megan Mitcham: Under the Sheets ?>

Megan Mitcham: Under the Sheets

In my previous post, Beyond the Bedroom Door, I blogged about my rather innocent introduction into the world of erotic romance. …while researching authors in a writing group I contemplated joining (and did later join…DSRA) I clicked on DD’s link and turned beet red. I couldn’t believe the excerpt I read. Raw. Passionate. Sexy. And, at the time, way out of my comfort zone. Remember, I had no idea the genre existed. This was before erotic romance could be found…

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Tahira Iqbal: Stoke ?>

Tahira Iqbal: Stoke

Update! Thursday’s winner is Kimberly Mayberry! Contest Note: Post a comment today and you’ll be entered to win a $5 gift certificate. Come back tomorrow for another chance to win! *~*~*~*~*~*  If you’re familiar with my work, you know that I almost always have a pretty wide thread of jeopardy running through it. I have always written thrillers, but only in the last few years have I teamed it up with erotica and romance. Be it the aftermath of a car wreck, a…

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UK vs US ?>

UK vs US

There’s nothing like a cowboy in the UK.  We don’t have anything as powerfully iconic as this historic and symbolic figure from the US. So, I guess that’s what drew me to the answer the submission call; could a Brit writer take on the all American cowboy and make it work? The storm arrives with wild abandon, twisting and turning, gray fury  unleashing torrential rain that blurs the horizon. “I don’t think you should drive in this weather, Candace!” my…

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