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Romancing the Throne, or, The History of a Parthian Love Story ?>

Romancing the Throne, or, The History of a Parthian Love Story

Naughty Getaways: Eleven Sultry Stories is out! And it includes my ancient world romance, “An Unexpected Discovery” set in Parthia, the kingdom to the east of the Roman Empire. My heroine, Roedogune, is based on an actual historic figure, a Parthian princess who, along with the Parthian imperial throne, was captured by the Romans during their invasion of Ctesiphon, the capital of the Parthian Empire.

Imperial Warriors: Roman and Viking New Release 99¢ Sale! ?>

Imperial Warriors: Roman and Viking New Release 99¢ Sale!

Imperial Warriors: Two Scorching Tales of the Roman Empire is out! This mini-anthology includes my stories previously published in Delilah’s collections now available together for the first time. “The Promise of Memory” was published in Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors, and “Protecting Her” was published in Conquests: An Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance. It’s my very first anthology of my own stories, which means it’s really a “collection of short stories” rather than an anthology (which implies several authors). But…

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5 Days: New Words by Teresa Noelle Roberts ?>

5 Days: New Words by Teresa Noelle Roberts

  When I saw Delilah’s call for sexy, romantic Viking stories, I figured I’d pass. I’m a history buff, but I knew just enough about Vikings to figure I’d spend six months just figuring out what clothes my characters would be taking off and never actually get around to writing the story. Then one of my friends in the Society for Creative Anachronism, the historical recreation group where I play at being a person from the past, sent me a…

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6 Days: Protecting Her by Regina Kammer ?>

6 Days: Protecting Her by Regina Kammer

Vikings in Byzantium Let’s just get this out of the way, but the History Channel’s production of Vikings has given a sexy cachet to the fiercest warriors of the Middle Ages. When Delilah put out a call for stories in a Viking erotic romance anthology, my heart just went pitter-pat with excitement. And then the excitement sort of dissipated. My knowledge of Vikings is limited given their era is out of my purview. My field of study is Late Roman…

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The Viking World ?>

The Viking World

The Viking world. No supermarkets, paved roads, or telephones. No cozy couch or soft bed. Food, clothing, and shelter exist only when someone hunts, farms, spins-weaves-sews, and hacks down enough trees to build it. The reality of living in those conditions may be too much for us to really grasp. Stories depend on a believable setting. But for readers, do details of vanished worlds sometimes get in the way of the story? How much description of the fire pit, the…

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13 Days: The Promise of Memory by Regina Kammer ?>

13 Days: The Promise of Memory by Regina Kammer

My Inspiration I had just written a novel set in ancient Rome when I saw Delilah Devlin’s call for submissions for an anthology on knights, Hot Highlanders and Wild Knights (yep, that was the original call). As Delilah always does, she encouraged authors to think beyond the tropes of courtly medieval English knights, and in the call mentioned Crusaders, Normans, Saxons, Vikings, Huns… But not Romans. Sigh. I write historical erotic romance and at the time was revising two novels,…

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Getting Off On History ?>

Getting Off On History

An introductory guest post by Regina Kammer I love history. I love reading about history, visiting heritage sites, wandering through history exhibitions in museums. And I love reading historical romance and historical erotica. The settings themselves are exciting. You see, I get off on history. In today’s world, there’s an erotic romance to fit every predilection imaginable: BDSM, vampires, shape-shifters, small-town America, billionaires, firefighters, Bigfoot, etc. As romance readers we tend to gravitate to the sub-genre that, uh, “inspires” us…

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