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Lynn Townsend: My Poppy ?>

Lynn Townsend: My Poppy

UPDATE! Today’s winner is Eniko!  Contest Note: Post a comment today and you’ll be entered to win a $5 gift certificate. Come back tomorrow for another chance to win! *~*~*~*~*~* My grandfather, Doctor H. Townsend, was a straightforward sort of man. He’d been in the Air Force, he’d taught history at the college level, and he retired to a farm in upstate New York. My husband, who is from Utica, calls where I’m from “southern Canada,” just so you know. Tiny little…

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Lynn Townsend – Peacocks and Turkeys ?>

Lynn Townsend – Peacocks and Turkeys

I’ve only been publishing for two years now. I got my first acceptance letter almost exactly two years ago. I considered it a slightly late birthday present. (Yes, today’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me.) I’d been writing for years. More years than I really want to talk about… I’ve written several novels and parts of novels, I’ve written plays, I’ve written essays, short stories. I dabbled in poetry for a while, but I gave it up when I decided…

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