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Susan Saxx: Real Men, Big Risks…and a Contest! ?>

Susan Saxx: Real Men, Big Risks…and a Contest!

Hi Everyone! I’m so glad to be here and to be part of this awesome, inventive and fun collection: Blue Collar: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology! Have YOU ever felt like a fish out of water? And were you determined to somehow get back to your previous world? In Special Delivery, that’s exactly the situation my heroine, Alex Jordan, faces. She’s been rich all her life, but suddenly her family loses their wealth and nothing is the same anymore. Well,…

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Mia Hopkins: We Drill Deep While Others Sleep from Blue Collar (Giveaway) ?>

Mia Hopkins: We Drill Deep While Others Sleep from Blue Collar (Giveaway)

Hi, everyone! Happy release week to Delilah and the other authors of this marvelous collection. I’m thrilled to be a contributor. In my story for Blue Collar: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, a lonesome wife drives a thousand miles to meet up with her husband, a roughneck who works on a remote oil rig. They’ve been apart for weeks and have only a few hours to spend together. My narrator is conflicted—she’s hungry for a hot tryst with her husband,…

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BLUE COLLAR is here! (Contest) ?>

BLUE COLLAR is here! (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner of the free copy of ROGUES is…Tamara Kasyan! * * * * * That big sexy book filled with steamy, blue collar heroes is here! And at just $0.99 (that’s just $0.06 per story!), you can’t go wrong. Indulge yourself! All my author-contributor-friends and myself can’t wait for you to dive in. It is truly a labor of love. I chose all the stories and did the final polish. My very good friend at Lustre Editing did…

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Lizzie Ashworth: A Christmas Story Like No Other (Giveaway) ?>

Lizzie Ashworth: A Christmas Story Like No Other (Giveaway)

Jarrod Bancroft is a five-part series with the most outrageous kink you could ever imagine. Part I is now FREE through December 31. Use this coupon code RG53U at Smashwords. If you like it, if you can stand the heat, you’ll want the entire novel, available at half price with this code KC86A through December 31 at Smashwords–the novel. With everything she cared about gone, Dominatrix Macie Fitzgerald has built a new life in service to those seeking pain and submission. She takes pride in her…

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Her Heart’s Tomb by Jennifer Kacey ?>

Her Heart’s Tomb by Jennifer Kacey

I was lucky enough to have Her Heart’s Tomb selected by Delilah Devlin to be included in the Rogues Collection!!! My story is about a kick ass Tomb Raider named Sonya who has lost the only thing she ever thought worth protecting. Her heart. But the man she fell for turned his back on her when she needed him most. With one more raid to go on she steels herself to get the job down and then disappear forever. But…

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6 Days: Protecting Her by Regina Kammer ?>

6 Days: Protecting Her by Regina Kammer

Vikings in Byzantium Let’s just get this out of the way, but the History Channel’s production of Vikings has given a sexy cachet to the fiercest warriors of the Middle Ages. When Delilah put out a call for stories in a Viking erotic romance anthology, my heart just went pitter-pat with excitement. And then the excitement sort of dissipated. My knowledge of Vikings is limited given their era is out of my purview. My field of study is Late Roman…

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Keeping Sex Between the Covers ?>

Keeping Sex Between the Covers

It’s June 14th and in the United States we’re celebrating Flag Day! I have a special promotion for June (Flag Day month) and July (Independence Day month). See the end of this post! I generally write historical erotic romance, although I have also written contemporary, mythological, and Steampunk. But my comfort zone is historicals because I’m a historian and, I suppose, I’ve internally fetishized history to a certain extent. I’ve written stories that take place in ancient Roman and Victorian…

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Write What You Know: Paranormal Edition ?>

Write What You Know: Paranormal Edition

Beginning writers are often advised to “write what you know,” that way words and stories and emotions will resound authentically. The general public has glommed on to this aphorism and often conflates “write what you know” with “write your actual lived experience”. Erotica and erotic romance writers especially fall victim to this definition. We get a lot of “heh, heh” “snicker, snicker” at parties and such, because of course we’ve all done every blessed thing our characters have done. Sigh….

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Better Sex in 50 Years? ?>

Better Sex in 50 Years?

Hello to you on this wonderful Friday! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Liz Ashworth. I write scandalous stories. I occasionally write something that’s not scandalous but who cares? About twenty years ago, I had this idea for a story. At the time, my life centered around raising children and keeping up with my job. My idea? I wanted to create a world where women could buy sex. Go to a safe place, nice opulent surroundings, review the lineup, and…

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