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Falling in Love Upside Down by Adele Downs (Contest and Excerpt) ?>

Falling in Love Upside Down by Adele Downs (Contest and Excerpt)

**Contest Alert!** Follow Adele Downs on Amazon and any other social media platforms you choose and tell her where you’ve connected in the comments section. A winner or winners will be selected to receive your choice of a copy of any book in Adele’s backlist. *** Readers often ask where my story ideas come from. A story begins with the smallest seed of an idea, and as it percolates in my mind, the concept develops and the characters become more…

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Where Destiny Plays Finally Re-Released! Only #99cents! ?>

Where Destiny Plays Finally Re-Released! Only #99cents!

I am beyond excited to announce the re-release of Where Destiny Plays, Book 3 in my Victorian erotic romance series, The Harwell Heirs. I am even more excited to show off the new cover:

Almost Here! (Contest) ?>

Almost Here! (Contest)

Today was supposed to be about a brand new release. Here’s the cover… My publisher says it’s a glitch, and that the book should be live soon, but we’ll see. In the meantime, I’d love to remind you about all the anthologies I’ve edited that are already available! Click on the covers to learn more about these spicy anthologies! You’ll find great authors, scorching hot, inventive stories—pretty much everything you’d want in a short story collection!          Contest…

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Imperial Warriors: Roman and Viking New Release 99¢ Sale! ?>

Imperial Warriors: Roman and Viking New Release 99¢ Sale!

Imperial Warriors: Two Scorching Tales of the Roman Empire is out! This mini-anthology includes my stories previously published in Delilah’s collections now available together for the first time. “The Promise of Memory” was published in Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors, and “Protecting Her” was published in Conquests: An Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance. It’s my very first anthology of my own stories, which means it’s really a “collection of short stories” rather than an anthology (which implies several authors). But…

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4 Reasons to Get Warlord’s Destiny Now… ?>

4 Reasons to Get Warlord’s Destiny Now…

UPDATE: The winner of this contest is…snulfers! *~*~*~* I love lists. So here’s one for you. And yes, this book isn’t exactly about Vikings, but I figured if you liked sexy stories about dominant men wearing fur and carrying swords, this would be right up your alley! 4 Reasons to Get Warlord’s Destiny Now… 1) Do you love your warriors tall, well-muscled and with stamina to spare? Duh, right? Do you love a heroine with grit who’s not society’s notion of what’s perfect and…

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Of Seafarers and Spacefarers ?>

Of Seafarers and Spacefarers

When Delilah encouraged her authors to talk about our new releases on the Conquests blog, I was briefly at a loss for the best way to do it. I don’t normally write historical romances, despite being a history buff. Actually, I don’t write historicals because I’m such a history buff. I know myself. I’d get lost in all that delicious research and forget to write the book. I got around that with my Conquests story because I’d happened to read…

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The More Things Change… ?>

The More Things Change…

I know humans have evolved, that technology is constantly upgrading, and styles and mores change, but I also believe that the emotions, reactions and conflicts that drive change and cause tensions aren’t much different than they were when we lived in caves. Curiosity, envy, love, happiness, sadness, etc. are all a part of the human condition, as are their uglier alter-egos nosiness, jealousy, obsession, mania and depression. All that has changed are the surroundings and the tools we have to…

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Love Cowboys? Get THROWN (Studs in Spurs) by Cat Johnson ?>

Love Cowboys? Get THROWN (Studs in Spurs) by Cat Johnson

Exciting times around here! Tomorrow I hop a plane to New Orleans for the RT Booklovers Convention. Anyone who’s been there knows how crazy that convention can be. Stick it in the middle of a city known for insanity and you can just imagine the kind of week I’m in for! I hope to see some of you there. For those who can’t make it, you can follow along with the fun on Twitter at #RT2014 . Then, as if…

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