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Lizzie Ashworth: The Origins of Valentine’s Day ?>

Lizzie Ashworth: The Origins of Valentine’s Day

Bet you didn’t know that Valentine’s Day got its start in the Roman Empire with some public BDSM. That’s right. The feast of Lupercalia involved women lining up along the streets so men could run along and whip them with strips of animal hide (preferably goat or dog). The ritual was supposed to increase female fertility and there’s actually no telling how far back in history this tradition might have started. A lottery followed the whipping with women’s names drawn…

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Holidays! ?>


Holiday Stress? It hits most of us every year about this time and only gets worse as the calendar races toward a new year. Here’s a little travel romance to distract you from all those seasonal obligations—you know, family, cooking, gifts. This is a teaser excerpt. Holiday Journey “I assume you’re stuck here like the rest of us,” a man’s voice rumbled. Giselle startled and turned. Chatting with other passengers ranked near the top of her ‘never’ list. Today especially…

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11 Days: Invasion of Nefyn by Lizzie Ashworth ?>

11 Days: Invasion of Nefyn by Lizzie Ashworth

Hunky Warriors — who can resist? Sexy romance stories are a perfect match with historical scenes and characters. Both take us far away from today and the daily grind of our lives. That’s what we expect from any entertainment media, and Hot Highlanders, Wild Warriors delivers the goods. What a great bunch of stories! My inspiration for “Invasion of Nefyn” was triggered by reading historic novels by Bernard Cornwell. Details of daily life command just as much of the reader’s…

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Lizzie Ashworth: More on the love of history… ?>

Lizzie Ashworth: More on the love of history…

Great post, Regina! (See two blogs down!) I share your love of history. In fact, when I’m not crafting torrid love scenes for my current short story or novel, I’m digging around in the county archives, piecing together yet another glimpse into local history. The glory of writing historical romance is that no matter what’s been lost in the passage of time, authors get to invent the missing pages. Mix one part historical fact and one part passionate characters, and alchemy…

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