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14 Days: The Maiden’s Kiss by Layla Chase (Contest) ?>

14 Days: The Maiden’s Kiss by Layla Chase (Contest)

Strong Women Know What They Want I’m a feminist. I studied feminist theology in college, minored in Women’s Studies (after all, that was during the 1970s) and taught my daughters they have a voice. So when I started writing romance, I created heroines who expect to be listened to, ones who are smart and knowledgeable (sometimes, they had to be sneaky to do this). As much as possible, my heroines don’t make put-my-life-in-danger stupid choices, but they may risk all for…

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Release Countdown Begins Tomorrow! (Contest) ?>

Release Countdown Begins Tomorrow! (Contest)

It’s almost here! Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors releases in two weeks on October 14th! Tomorrow, the authors who are contributors to this book will begin posting short excerpts and talking about what inspired their stories. There will be prizes along the way, bribes really, to keep you checking in. 🙂 There are a couple of things you can do so that you don’t miss any of the fun! 1) Subscribe to this blog. Look to the right side of…

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Why Highlanders Blow my Kilt…Er, Skirt Up ?>

Why Highlanders Blow my Kilt…Er, Skirt Up

When I was fourteen, my cousin, the talented R.B. Hilliard, asked me to cat-sit for her while she was out of town. Over the course of the week or so that I was on the job, I overfed the cat who was supposed to be on a diet, forgot to change the litter box and failed to mail the stack of bills I was specifically asked to take care of….Oooops. What I did manage to accomplish during those cat-sitting days…

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The More Things Change… ?>

The More Things Change…

I know humans have evolved, that technology is constantly upgrading, and styles and mores change, but I also believe that the emotions, reactions and conflicts that drive change and cause tensions aren’t much different than they were when we lived in caves. Curiosity, envy, love, happiness, sadness, etc. are all a part of the human condition, as are their uglier alter-egos nosiness, jealousy, obsession, mania and depression. All that has changed are the surroundings and the tools we have to…

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