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CONQUESTS is here! ?>

CONQUESTS is here!

This anthology was a pure labor of love. I adore Vikings. Read the introduction I wrote for the book below, and you’ll know why. Congratulations to all the contributing authors! Thanks for trusting me with your stories! Readers, I hope you enjoy it. There’s variety in settings and characters—despite the fact every story has a Viking hero! I think you’ll be surprised! And if you have time after reading it, we’d really appreciate your taking the time to review it…

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The Viking World ?>

The Viking World

The Viking world. No supermarkets, paved roads, or telephones. No cozy couch or soft bed. Food, clothing, and shelter exist only when someone hunts, farms, spins-weaves-sews, and hacks down enough trees to build it. The reality of living in those conditions may be too much for us to really grasp. Stories depend on a believable setting. But for readers, do details of vanished worlds sometimes get in the way of the story? How much description of the fire pit, the…

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Write What You Know: Paranormal Edition ?>

Write What You Know: Paranormal Edition

Beginning writers are often advised to “write what you know,” that way words and stories and emotions will resound authentically. The general public has glommed on to this aphorism and often conflates “write what you know” with “write your actual lived experience”. Erotica and erotic romance writers especially fall victim to this definition. We get a lot of “heh, heh” “snicker, snicker” at parties and such, because of course we’ve all done every blessed thing our characters have done. Sigh….

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Better Sex in 50 Years? ?>

Better Sex in 50 Years?

Hello to you on this wonderful Friday! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Liz Ashworth. I write scandalous stories. I occasionally write something that’s not scandalous but who cares? About twenty years ago, I had this idea for a story. At the time, my life centered around raising children and keeping up with my job. My idea? I wanted to create a world where women could buy sex. Go to a safe place, nice opulent surroundings, review the lineup, and…

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11 Days: Invasion of Nefyn by Lizzie Ashworth ?>

11 Days: Invasion of Nefyn by Lizzie Ashworth

Hunky Warriors — who can resist? Sexy romance stories are a perfect match with historical scenes and characters. Both take us far away from today and the daily grind of our lives. That’s what we expect from any entertainment media, and Hot Highlanders, Wild Warriors delivers the goods. What a great bunch of stories! My inspiration for “Invasion of Nefyn” was triggered by reading historic novels by Bernard Cornwell. Details of daily life command just as much of the reader’s…

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9 days…Why lesbian vampires are so important, by Rebecca S. Buck ?>

9 days…Why lesbian vampires are so important, by Rebecca S. Buck

We’ve established that vampires are sexy, and if you find lesbians sexy too, then lesbian vampires are even sexier. Girls Who Bite is a collection of erotic tales, and sexy is what it’s all about. However, an anthology of vampire stories that feature solely female vampires and victims is something that’s very necessary in the vampire world, if you ask me. Most vampire stories involve some play with heterosexual sexuality, and the role of the male in particular. Though intrinsically…

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