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Elle James: Playing With Fire ?>

Elle James: Playing With Fire

Did you know Elle James is my sister? Yup. But I swear I didn’t give her an inch of slack when I chose stories, even though, our mother would have been pretty pissed if I’d rejected her… 🙂 Enjoy the excerpt! ~DD Excerpt from Elle James’s “Playing With Fire” in Blue Collar In an attempt to seduce a younger firefighter, a sexy widow gets a lesson in burning desires by the firefighter’s badass partner Lola Engel flipped the sign in the…

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Billionaire and the Jewel Thief by Elle James ?>

Billionaire and the Jewel Thief by Elle James

Did you know that Elle James and I are sisters? Yup. But that’s not why she’s in this collection. Ask her. I’ve passed on a story of hers before. Not that it wasn’t great, but it didn’t quite fit the collection I was working on at the time. So, family doesn’t get special treatment. (Our mom was a bit miffed, though.) She’s in Italy at the moment, so I get to talk trash about her. I’m not the least bit…

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10 Days: Enslaved by Elle James ?>

10 Days: Enslaved by Elle James

Note: Here’s another chance to win the Amazon gift card! Just be sure to comment! UPDATE: The winner of the card is Eniko! *~*~*~*~* I visited Ireland in 2012 and loved the many centuries of history you could see evident in the structures and ruins all over the island. The Vikings found their way to this island and staked a claim for a time, interbred with the inhabitants and became an integral part of the culture. Here’s an excerpt from…

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Elle James: Besieged ?>

Elle James: Besieged

BESIEGED A Special Forces soldier rescues the ambassador’s daughter who holds his heart hostage When I found out Delilah was pulling together the High Octane Heroes anthology, I knew exactly what I wanted to write. A tough military guy in a situation that was current and resonant for our nation. With the Bengazhi embassy attack fresh on my mind I wanted to depict a soldier sworn to protect the embassy staff during just such a raid. Surrounded by the enemy,…

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Researching Heroes (Prize Alert!) ?>

Researching Heroes (Prize Alert!)

I enjoy writing about heroes, but sometimes it can be difficult writing about the world in which they evolve as heroes. Many times our hero’s occupation is can be difficult to write if we don’t do our research. In the past year, I’ve written a smoke jumper. That’s an entirely foreign world to me. Sure they jump out of airplanes to fight fires. But what do they take with them, who’s the boss, how do they work the fire? The…

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