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UK vs US ?>

UK vs US

There’s nothing like a cowboy in the UK.  We don’t have anything as powerfully iconic as this historic and symbolic figure from the US. So, I guess that’s what drew me to the answer the submission call; could a Brit writer take on the all American cowboy and make it work? The storm arrives with wild abandon, twisting and turning, gray fury  unleashing torrential rain that blurs the horizon. “I don’t think you should drive in this weather, Candace!” my…

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To Write A Cowboy ?>

To Write A Cowboy

I don’t know about y’all, but I do love cowboys. Okay, I do know about y’all cause I know you love ’em too. I count myself extremely blessed to be part of the Cowboy Lust collection. I am in the midst of some amazing authors of cowboy and western romance.I know when the call was first brought to my attention by a friend, I was sorely tempted to write a piece for it, but was nervous. One, because it was…

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