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Jennifer Kacey: The Boss (Giveaway) ?>

Jennifer Kacey: The Boss (Giveaway)

My contribution to the Blue Collar Anthology is The Boss!!! Amazon – Kobo – GooglePlay – Website – This story delighted me SO much to write because it’s the next tiny tidbit from my Members Only Series! It features Kellee (which everyone met in Accidental Voyeur) who stops at an oil change place after hours. The boss just happens to still be there to….help her out. In honor of FINALLY getting to write in this series again,…

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N.J. Walters: Roadside Assistance ?>

N.J. Walters: Roadside Assistance

N.J. and I were “stable-mates” at Samhain Publishing before they closed their doors, so I already knew she was a great writer. Which was why I was thrilled when I saw her “Roadside Assistance” appear in my Outlook inbox! Then she had me with these three words: Big and hard and tattooed. Yup, I’m that shallow. I fell in love with Vincent before he even opened his mouth. Maybe you will too… 🙂 ~DD Excerpt from N.J. Walters’s “Roadside Assistance” in Blue…

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Elle James: Playing With Fire ?>

Elle James: Playing With Fire

Did you know Elle James is my sister? Yup. But I swear I didn’t give her an inch of slack when I chose stories, even though, our mother would have been pretty pissed if I’d rejected her… 🙂 Enjoy the excerpt! ~DD Excerpt from Elle James’s “Playing With Fire” in Blue Collar In an attempt to seduce a younger firefighter, a sexy widow gets a lesson in burning desires by the firefighter’s badass partner Lola Engel flipped the sign in the…

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Kris Norris: Cabin Fever (Contest) ?>

Kris Norris: Cabin Fever (Contest)

Blue Collar Men I’ll be honest. When I first read the submission guidelines for this collection, I wasn’t sure what to write about. Even after looking up the ‘definition’, it seems folks have a varied opinion of what it means to be a blue collar worker, or should I say which jobs qualify. But one thing was clear, they are everyday heroes. Men that save us from the dead car on the side of the road, rain pelting the windshield,…

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Tray Ellis: Full of the Wild Life ?>

Tray Ellis: Full of the Wild Life

Note! Yesterday’s contest is still open, and you can earn another entry by commenting here today! When reading through the submissions for Blue Collar, I looked for stories with different flavors of heroes. I didn’t want all mechanics, cops, or plumbers (odd, I didn’t get a single plumber!), so when I found Tray’s story, a hero who worked as a surveyor, I thought, yeah! Add the fact the story was set in Alaska, and that it had a very real…

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Megan Mitcham: Elevation and 2 Free Novels for All ?>

Megan Mitcham: Elevation and 2 Free Novels for All

Billionaires…I never understood the draw. They’re barricaded from the world by high walls, security systems and guards. Blue Collar men, on the other hand, build the foundations we live upon. They see and experience the gritty world and do their part to make it a better place. These men aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. To all our Blue Collar heroes out there, thank you! Without you we couldn’t… A major thank you to Delilah Devlin for collecting such an…

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Kalissa Wayne: Happy Fathers Day ?>

Kalissa Wayne: Happy Fathers Day

Today is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all those out there who do the job of a dad, whether you be male or female. My wish for you on this day is that you have the wisdom to teach your kids all they need to know, the patience to deal with them whether they are 2 or 20 and never ending love for them. As I think about my own dad today, I am saddened by the realization that…

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Sukie Chapin: Mr. Big – The Science of Short Stories and Sex Toys (and a GIVEAWAY) ?>

Sukie Chapin: Mr. Big – The Science of Short Stories and Sex Toys (and a GIVEAWAY)

Sex toys are awesome. There I said it. I feel better now, having that out in the world – how ‘bout you? You know what else is awesome? Short stories. The kind you can curl up with just before bed without fear of pulling an all-nighter to finish. The kind that gets you to Happily Ever After before that morning cup of coffee goes cold. The kind that Delilah put together in Blue Collar. And I really like the idea…

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Susan Saxx: Real Men, Big Risks…and a Contest! ?>

Susan Saxx: Real Men, Big Risks…and a Contest!

Hi Everyone! I’m so glad to be here and to be part of this awesome, inventive and fun collection: Blue Collar: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology! Have YOU ever felt like a fish out of water? And were you determined to somehow get back to your previous world? In Special Delivery, that’s exactly the situation my heroine, Alex Jordan, faces. She’s been rich all her life, but suddenly her family loses their wealth and nothing is the same anymore. Well,…

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Belinda LaPage: Shearers, Meet-Cutes … and a Contest! ?>

Belinda LaPage: Shearers, Meet-Cutes … and a Contest!

What do you love in romance shorts? No, not a tight pair of denim cut-offs. The other kind of shorts. Short fiction. Like Blue Collar, Delilah Devlin’s latest Boys Behaving Badly anthology. The kind that take you all the way from “How you doin’?” to Happily Ever After in a neat, sweet, thirty-minute romp. I mean, most romance novels aren’t terribly long. You can’t wallow for a week, but you can curl up with one in a sunny corner of…

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