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Purrfect in Venezia ?>

Purrfect in Venezia

When my sister, Delilah Devlin, put the call out for submissions to the Sheshifters anthology, I already had an idea of where I wanted to set a shape shifter story. I’d recently been to Italy and the fabulous city of Venice. The place is unique, colorful and magical. The hotel we stayed in was like the hotel in the story. At first we couldn’t find our room. We climbed the narrow staircase to the floor we assumed it would be…

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1 Day… The Gift of Lilith Excerpt by Myla Jackson ?>

1 Day… The Gift of Lilith Excerpt by Myla Jackson

THE WINNER OF A FREE DOWNLOAD OF ONE OF BACKLIST IS ILONA! Contact me to claim your prize! Check my website for how Your titillating anticipation will culminate in the ORGASMIC release of GIRLS WHO BITE. Hurry and order your copy! In The Gift of Lilith  an immortal surrenders all to her lover. Today, I’ll offer a download of one of any of my back list ebooks to one lucky commenter. So leave a comment for a chance to…

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A Little Girl-on-Girl Action? by Myla Jackson ?>

A Little Girl-on-Girl Action? by Myla Jackson

I have to admit, I didn’t know if I could write girl-on-girl love scenes. What did I know? Secretly I have to admit the idea is titillating and caused me to squirm in my little ol’ office chair, but me? Write a dynamic, female duo love scene? I took the challenge, warming up with an “instructional” scene in my book Duty Bound, an historical western I wrote for Samhain Publishing. I had so much fun with it, I decided I…

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Lilith Gets a Bad Rap ?>

Lilith Gets a Bad Rap

Contest winner is: Jen B – Contact Myla Jackson for your free download of Duty Bound “It all began with Lilith when she refused to be subservient to Adam in the Garden of Eden. She’d been cursed with the gift of immortality until she chose to pass the gift on to another woman equally resistant to man’s dominance. Ultimately I’d been chosen as the vessel to contain the memories of those who’d come before me. A burden no twenty-year-old could…

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