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Awkward to the rescue! ?>

Awkward to the rescue!

When a hot firefighter breaks down the wrong door, a smart woman drops her towel. I like to think of the tag line for Rescue Me as a call to action. As much as we’d like to pretend everything is as hot and perfect as it is on the page, real life tends to be a bit more…awkward. But we all know that a thread of discomfort can make even the most unexpected encounter hotter. A simple case of miscommunication…

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Pleased to meet you! ?>

Pleased to meet you!

Hi all! I just wanted to take this opportunity to say hello and tell you a little about myself, my writing, and Rescue Me, the sizzling story I contributed to the Smokin’ Hot Firemen collection. I’m Maggie Wells, and I am terribly excited to be a part of this anthology!  Hanging out with a big group of fellow authors and getting to meet new readers is great fun for me. You see, I’m buried in spreadsheets all day—boring! That’s why…

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