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6 Days: Broken Vows by Anya Richards ?>

6 Days: Broken Vows by Anya Richards

Why are we so often impulsive, especially when we’re young? This is the question the hero of Broken Vows is forced to ask himself when the effects of his chivalrous actions are suddenly too hard to swallow. Like many young men, Gareth was let down by the lady who had won his heart and, at that time, he swore never to love again. Unfortunately, he took his vow too far, actually invoking the name of God. Now, older, wiser, and…

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The More Things Change… ?>

The More Things Change…

I know humans have evolved, that technology is constantly upgrading, and styles and mores change, but I also believe that the emotions, reactions and conflicts that drive change and cause tensions aren’t much different than they were when we lived in caves. Curiosity, envy, love, happiness, sadness, etc. are all a part of the human condition, as are their uglier alter-egos nosiness, jealousy, obsession, mania and depression. All that has changed are the surroundings and the tools we have to…

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