Release Countdown Begins Tomorrow! (Contest)

Release Countdown Begins Tomorrow! (Contest)

Hot HighlandersIt’s almost here! Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors releases in two weeks on October 14th!

Tomorrow, the authors who are contributors to this book will begin posting short excerpts and talking about what inspired their stories. There will be prizes along the way, bribes really, to keep you checking in. 🙂

There are a couple of things you can do so that you don’t miss any of the fun!

1) Subscribe to this blog. Look to the right side of this screen below the carousel of books. Enter your email address where it says “Subscribe to Blog Via Email.” That way, every post describing the exciting things we have coming will be delivered right to you inbox. You won’t miss a thing!

2) Go like our Facebook page at: We’re busy planning events to tempt you to play. And again, there will be prizes involved, so I know you don’t want to miss that either.

And in the meantime, you can pre-order our book—just click on “Order.” And visit “Book” at the top of the screen to learn about the exciting stories in this collection! We hope to see you here in the coming weeks!

To encourage you to play today, I’m offering a signed copy of my last collection, Cowboy Heat! Post a comment and let us know whether you will be joining us for the fun, and whether highlanders and warriors are your thing!

13 thoughts on “Release Countdown Begins Tomorrow! (Contest)

  1. Men in kilts, why bother with anything else? Will try to practice some desk avoidance and keep an eye on tomorrow’s shenanigans. Good luck, and congratulations, on the release!

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